Sunday, August 25, 2013

Surprise Date! :)

We have the very best friends ever!!

J and T and the Mr. planned a super fun afternoon/evening for all of us! 

J whisked me away to go get blow-outs done! There is a new place in our town that is called Tease and they specialize in washing/drying and then styling your hair! :)  Well, J and I were so excited about this opening because both have very thick/curly/frizzy hair. We had so much fun! And we even had a 10 min head massage! So relaxing! 

So the Mr. and T kept the boys and played at home while we were gone! And also picked up hibachi for dinner! YUM! So as soon we got home we had dinner waiting  on us!

It was such a fun afternoon/evening with our best friends! 

Last little fling before the twins arrive! Of course we will still see and hang out with them all the time, but it was super fun to do something special! :) 

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