Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Wonders!

What a wonderful weekend! I share with you about Saturday afternoon/evening but there was so much other fun in our weekend too!

Friday night we just hung out at home and I went to bed early. Needed to get my feet up. :) We cooked pizza and played at home. So nice!

Love relaxing with this sweet boy! All three of my babies in one picture! :) 

Saturday morning the Mr. and TJH headed to the Farmer's Market. I stayed back and rested and kept my feet up some more. 

And they ran into some friends, so T played with R! 

Then they came home and TJH went down for his nap and I headed to the spa! The Mr. had given me a prenatal massage and facial for our 5th anniversary and I cashed it in! It was so nice! And it helped soo much with the swelling in my feet. 

After I got home TJH woke up and we all had lunch together and played some more!
T looking for our neighbors cat! 

We got the Bunbo out for baby T to use when they were coming over and TJH took it upon himself to sit in it! :) 
Then I was surprised with a blow out with J and a yummy dinner with all four of us! 

Sunday was similar to the rest of the weekend...lots of playing and resting!
It was so cool in the morning that we played outside for a while and TJH's feet were covered in grass! :)

Ethel lovin' on the Mr.!

Tuck giving Daddy kisses!

The Mr. built a fort for them to play in. 

The Mr. brought in the shop-vac to vacuum and it really scared TJH...he LOVES the normal vacuum but the shop-vac is super loud. So, Daddy gave TJH a sucker to apologize! 

He loved his first taste of a Carmel-Apple Pop...don't worry he didn't even make a dent in it. 

Weekends are wonderful with my two boys! I am so blessed to be able to play and rest with the two of them! 

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