Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Annual Fall Family Weekend!

We've been doing this tradition for the past 4 years! We look forward to it every year! We go to my Dad and R's house and enjoy fall fun!

Before we hit the road!

Our first stop was Grandma R's office! The kids needed to help her with some cases! :)

We grilled hotdogs and played outside the first night!

Front porch playin'

Saturday we got up (well the kids got up super early...5am!) and got ready for Gold Rush! 

When we came back we played outside some more! All three kids were asleep by 4:30pm...exhausted! 

I've been back into running! WHOOP! My Dad's neighborhood is less than .5 miles away from a great winery.  I went and ran the winery and it was a beautiful run! 

My sister B and her boyfriend came for dinner and it was so great to catch up! 

LK and C were there the whole weekend too and we loved spending time with them!

Plans changed a bit on Sunday...Tucker woke up not feeling well and had a fever. So we packed up and headed to the pumpkin patch early and then headed home. 

We did the hayride and the kiddos loved it! 

We found the perfect pumpkin! 

Best we could get for a family picture!

These girls loved all the huge pumpkins!

All three kiddos were asleep with in 10 minutes of our ride home! 

It was a super good weekend to be with family and do fun all activities! Can't wait for next year! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mid-Week Fall Break

The middle of Fall Break was great too! The kiddos went to school for part of the days Tuesday-Thursday. This kept them in a routine and allowed the Mr. and I to get some stuff done around our house. 

The Mr. did yard work! Love the fall flowers!

The girls have started to wear some of the pjs they got from their birthday! SOO cute!:)

Lucy girl liked us being home more for the week! 

The Mr. and I organized our garage so I can park my car inside! 

I forgot to take a before picture. But it wasn't too bad...just things not put away. And we still had a few boxes still unpacked. 

My big ol' car fits in now!

We had a mid week play/dinner date with one of our favorite families! And got to see their beautiful new home!! 

I got to meet these two ladies for lunch too! We ate at one of our favorite places and I got to see sweet baby M...goodness she is precious! 

Livi reading to EK!

Sweet EK!

Fall break called for monster and pumpkin donuts!

Needless to say the middle part of our Fall Break was amazing! We really enjoyed the down time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beginning of Fall Break 2015

Our fall break is this week! We started our break out right!! We had a jammed packed FUN weekend!!

Friday was the corn maze!

Saturday we were going to go to Touch A Truck like we did last year with the W's but it got rained out. :( We played at home instead!

EK insisted on Tuck's shark rainboots with her smocked pumpkin dress! Love it!

First high pony tail! 

LOVE this picture!

Saturday evening we celebrated M's birthday!!! And of course watched Scandal together!

Sunday we had planned on going to church but EK and Mr. didn't sleep well. EK and O have had some seasonal allergies so we stayed home for extra rest!
Me an TJH went to Waffle House with J and T! We hadn't seen them in a long time and the boys LOVED being together...play date ASAP!!!

Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower for a very special friend from college! M was one of my "block buddies" we every education class together. She is gem! She is also best friends with L(from the FOUR!) so we have stayed close throughout the years! She is expecting her first baby in December! Her sweet husband doesn't want to find out the gender until delivery so we aren't sure if CBB is a girl or boy! :)

After the shower I stopped by H's house...she lives about 20 min from where I was and it was on my way home. Couldn't pass up seeing her and sweet B!

Monday was SUPER fun too! G and Pa came for a visit! We haven't seen them since the girls party and won't see them until the end of the month so they came to spend the day with us! The kids just eat them up while they are here! G and Mr. did some things around the house! Pa, TJH and I went grocery shopping. We made yummy jambalaya for dinner! And then we explored Fort Yargo which is a great park close to our house! We may plan an cool camping trip there soon! 
Silly EK! :) 

G brought flash lights and the kids have been so excited to use them around the house! 

What a wonderful start to our Fall Break!