Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A few house updates!

We have been doing more things to make our house a home! 

The Mr. did some upgrades this week!

(Our wall looks dirty but it's the lighting)

Love the upgrade! 

SO tacky!

Little changes that make a big difference!

This builder was so weird...he did the brushed bronze on all the door handles and stuff but not the sinks and shower heads...so we are slowing replacing them all! 

Next up...the yard...the Mr. did a major overhaul on the front yard! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekend Fun...ending summer!

We had a great weekend before we officially go back to work! The Mr. and I start pre-planning tomorrow. We are both excited about a new school year!

Friday night we hung out at home...we are always so tired on Friday nights...including the kiddos. The Mr. and I finally started watching OITNB again...we started right when it was released but then with moving we have had NO time to sit down and watch a show together. We are excited to have our shows back on soon! 

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to our favorite weekend spot...Farmer's Market!
This week the music was AWESOME...she sang kid songs! The kiddos LOVED it!

Saturday afternoon I attended a bridal shower for a dear sorority sister of mine! She is getting married in October and some of our sisters threw her the cutest Monograms and Margarita's shower!

Sunday was super chill and we got some things done for back to school!

We are so glad there is a DD close to our new house! :) 

This boy wouldn't nap but towards the end of the day when we ran to Sam's Club and this is what happened....silly boy!

All sheets got changed, laundry done, clothes laid out, house cleaned up... I think we are ready!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Busy week with no pics!

 I usually take tons of pictures but I was super busy with setting up my new classroom so my pictures slacked this week. 

The Mr. and TJH headed to PTC on Sunday to see his cousin and his family. G and Aunt B taught Tucker how to play Hi Ho Cheery-O! He beat both of them!

The kiddos started back at school this week too and so every evening they have been super tired! Monday evening the girls requested milk and "baby" (Baby Einstein) after bath time! 

All summer I've missed these two ladies! We finally got together for dinner! We spent 3 hours talking and catching up. I am going to miss seeing theses two ladies this year so much! 

We had a great week! The Mr. did a TON to our yard! And it looks amazing! I'll do a post on that soon! We also got our new dryer so we are back in business with doing laundry! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Classroom!

I am SO excited about the new school year! New school, new teammates, and new students! WHOOP!

I'm already in love with my new school! Every. single. person. has been SO nice and welcoming and always offering to help!

I officially went back to work Thursday and Friday for "new" teacher orientation at my school and then for the district. But I went ahead and started on Monday...I need to unpack my entire classroom and set up shop! 

When I walked in everything was on one side!I forgot to take a picture when I first started...but here are most of the boxes on desk and nothing on the walls yet! 
I'm not done but here is what I've done so far! :) 

This part of the room is my favorite right now...love how my white board turned out so far! I still need to add a place for EQ's. 

I'm going to stick with this desk arrangement for right now and then me and the kiddos may change it! 

And on that far wall is the student work area! 

I don't have my teacher computer yet so I can't use my board yet. But I set up my desk area. 

I'll post more pictures as I add more!

I start pre-planning Monday and I can't wait to meet the whole faculty and staff!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Last weekend of "summer"!

What?! It can't be! Well the Mr officially goes back to work next Monday but I go back this Thursday since I'm a "new teacher" to the county. But I have to set up my entire classroom so work starts today! :) It's not a sad thing...I'm actually really excited about my school year!

We had a very full fun weekend! 

We headed to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. A lot of people asked if we would still go since we don't live in Athens anymore...of course! It's not too far of a drive and it's something that's super fun for our family! :) 
First stop...blueberry scones! 

Next stop...Journey Juice! 

Listening to the music! 

Love the girls carrying the bags! :) 

Had to get a pic of all three of my kiddos with my Twin Mama+1 shirt! 

Later in the afternoon Grandma R came for a visit! 

The kiddos loved seeing and playing with her! 

The Mr. cooked a super yummy dinner for all of us! L and her boyfriend C were here for the weekend too so it was fun to hang out with them! 

Saturday night while we were outside with everyone Lucy got hurt. We thought she might have broken her leg but after visiting the emergency vet we found out she just had a bad fall. The vet gave her some meds for swelling and pain. She didn't walk at all Saturday night. It was pretty scary. But we are so thankful she didn't break anything. 

Sunday morning we met J and T for Waffle House...we met at a new location closer to our new home. :) 

Livi was checking on Lucy...she has to be confined for 4 days. 

The girls are having a super hard time taking naps in their new room/beds. We went ahead and did their toddler beds when we moved in. At night they are perfect and go right to sleep. But nap time is a whole different story....they trash their room and never sleep. This was Sunday...

We had a great weekend filled with lots of family and fun! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Catch up! :)

Since we haven't had internet in the past three weeks I thought it would be best to do a quick catch up! And of course we love to do that with pictures. :) 

So after we packed up our old house and moved out of it we had a few days between moving into our  new home. We came back to PTC and had some more fun! 

We went to the PTC library on the golf cart one morning and checked out some books. 

I was in town and able to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays. It was so fun! Nice to have an evening away with my friends! 

Sorority sisters :) 

Beautiful best friend! Happy Birthday H! 

We fed the ducks near G and Pa's house! 

And TJH enjoyed a nice big bubble bath in G and Pa's tub! 

We moved in and started life right away! :) 

My Dad came the day we moved in after he got off work to help us unpack. T loved seeing him! 

All came over not long after we moved in to hang out! 

Our first holiday in the new house was 4th of July! We had a blast! The morning was slow and nice...it was raining on and off. 

But then in the afternoon/ evening we went to two cook outs and then watched fire work in our new neighborhood! 

TJH really loved the fireworks and he wasn't scared of them. 

Our sweet new neighbors had their gender reveal just a few days after we moved in and they asked us to stuff the box with the correct color...it was PINK...it's a GIRL! :) We can't wait to meet her! 

Since things calmed down with moving I've been able to get back into running. I have to go really early before it gets insanely hot! Our neighborhood has been a good running spot...pretty hilly but still great! 

Girls had a follow up ENT visit...Olivia is okay for now with no tubes. EK had a little mucas on one of her tubes so we are doing more drops. 

TJH and I did a quick little two day trip to PTC alone. It was nice to have some time with him and we also had a few things to do in PTC. 

First stop was to see B, C and new baby C! 
These two cuties had a great time together! 

I loved catching up with B and holding sweet C! Such a sweet family! So glad we are still friends after 13 years! 

We had dinner with my mom and sisters...TJH enjoyed that a lot!

And then we attended M's 2nd birthday party! It was super fun! It was a pool/circus themed party! 

Three of the FOUR were together for the birthday fun! We missed H!

We've enjoyed slow mornings at our new home making waffles and spending time together! 

So I have 4 great friends who I don't get to see often enough but every summer make plans to get together. We had all of our education classes together and refer to each other as Block Buddies. We were missing K...her son was sick. But it was so great to catch up...the 3 hour lunch flew by! 

Tucker got some new pets! :) He really enjoys taking care of them! 

Olivia gave us a scare...she was having some major tummy issues. And since Tucker had such serious tummy issues we don't take it lightly around here. We called our pedi last Tuesday morning because of her bowel movements and then a very high fever. 

He had us come to his office and then he decided that it would be best for her to have blood drawn and an ultrasound of her tummy. 

We spent 7 hours in the hospital but we walked out knowing nothing serious was wrong. 

He thinks it might have been dehydration...she has never been a big water/juice drinker. They did some further testing on her bowel moments that came back a few days later that said there was no other problems. 

So right before we moved our dryer died...the Mr. took he whole thing apart to try to fix it but it's dead. So when we moved we just had our washer...our new dryer will be delivered at the end of next week...so we were off to the laundry mat. It actually wan't too bad! I did 5 loads of wash and 4 loads of drying in about an hour and 20 minutes! And TJH was a great spot!  :) 

The girls have started to show some interest in using the potty. So we did it for a few hours the other day...I am NOT a good potty-training mommy! ugh! 

Pa came to see the house and fence! We loved having him here! 

Neighborhood welcoming committee! :)

So there is like 3 weeks in one post! ha! Thanks for being patient with us! :)