Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hammar Happenings

We had a wonderful week! Busy but great!
Monday after school it was warm enough for an after dinner walk! The Mr. took the kids and I cleaned up dinner mess. :) 

New workout top! LOVE IT!

Goodness I could eat these three up!! We love stripes too! 

Sister sister!

Umm this is AMAZING!!! Really enjoying all the yummies we are finding and trying! 

Big bows and ponytails! Goodness, it's fun to have girls!!

Love finding them this way in the mornings! 

Friday I treated myself to a Starbucks tea! SO YUMMY! So, I had a lot of cups! ha!

Helping Mommy shop! They are getting so big that things are becoming a little easier! :) 

These two handsome boys got hair cuts on Friday! Can we say twins!?!

First time I've eaten out in all of January was Friday night...we took the kids to Chick-fil-A and I got the new superfood side and grilled nuggets! Very yummy and I didn't feel guilty after I ate it! 

Our week started and ended together! :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Rest of our "Snowy" Weekend!

Saturday we played at home inside all day! But then in the afternoon Honey came for a visit!! The kids were so excited to have her! She brought goodies for all of us! I'm SO excited about the Cricut Explore One she gave us!!! WHOOP! 

She spent the night with us and went to church with us Sunday! 

We loved having her with us!

Sunday afternoon I helped host a shower for a very dear friend. Originally the shower was planned for Saturday but because of the weather we changed it to Sunday and it ended up being PERFECT!! 

The shower was a story book theme and it was so precious!

With the mama to be and all the hostesses! It was so great to shower sweet S and Baby R! :)

We had a great weekend even though we didn't get a lot of snow! (Maybe we will get more later!)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

21 Day Fix

This post is open and honest. I'm going to share photos that I never thought I would share! This is mostly for my own documentation but also to encourage anyone who may need a little push to get started. It is a little long but there is so much to share about this journey! 

I knew I needed to change some things when I went for my yearly appointment with my gynecologist right before Christmas. She wanted to test my thyroid because of weight gain. :( (My thyroid levels came back completely normal...thank you Jesus!) But I had gained 10 pounds in 2015.  I also knew I needed to do something different with all of the stomach problems I've had this past fall. I kept making excuses about time. After lots of prayer I knew I had the Lord on my side about this. I prayed all over Christmas break about what was best for me. 

I knew those diet fads aren't good. I had done clean eating before and really enjoyed it and felt so much better. I knew I wanted something like that. I also knew I needed to workout everyday. Running isn't really an option in our new neighborhood. (I enjoy road running and the speed limits are too fast out here in the country!ha!) I've done P90X and T25 before and loved both...they are from Beachbody. So, I did some research and decided to try the 21 Day Fix!

A new coworker is a Beachbody Coach, so I approached her. She shared a lot of information with me. And made me feel so comfortable about ordering the program. She was also starting an accountability group on January 4th. I was SO pumped!

I had started my own clean eating December 30th and was so ready to do it! With this program comes a lot of prep work for the food part. The workouts are great and TOUGH. But only 30 minutes...totally do-able. I know I would spend at least 30 minutes on my phone after I put the kids to bed so why not take 30 minutes and make my body look better and make myself feel better!

First week's meal prep...this was breakfast, snacks and lunch! 

This may look like a silly picture but my best friend H is one to really thank during this process! She is super fit and works out a lot. She started clean eating the same week I did. We would send foodie pictures to each other and encourage each other during the week! It's so nice to know someone is cheering you on! It also kept me accountable too because I knew she was always just a SnapChat away! :)

This is one of my favorite clean meals!! Buffalo Chicken Pita Pizza!!

After one of my workouts! :) 

Saturday and Sunday mornings were always one of my favorites when it comes to food. The Mr. would always make us egg or chocolate chip waffles...well here is the clean version! Turkey bacon, two eggs with no butter to be fried and blueberries! 

This is one of my favorite parts of the 21 Day Fix...SHAKEOLOGY!!!!! I used to think that those "protein" drinks were just a scam. This drink is LEGIT!! It replaces one of your meals and it's SUPER yummy! I've made all different combinations. It's super easy to make! I used it as my breakfast for most days! And when I drink it I don't even touch my coffee because I don't need it at all! It's so filling and helps with my energy levels! 

Sam's Club is your friend when you clean eat. Produce is good prices and you need A LOT of it! We usually go through a lot of produce with the kids but even more with clean eating! The Mr. and I would do our meal prepping on Sundays so I went to the store usually on Saturday. 

Chocolate mint is one of my favorite flavors!! 

Second week's meal prep(part of it)...this was MWF lunches. Steak, sweet potatoes and mushrooms! YUM! 

At the end of week 2 I took TJH to two birthday parties and this was what I enjoyed within all the party food! ha! :) I wasn't really wanting any of the food but I do miss sweets sometimes. :)

By week 3 I was getting adventurous with meal prep! I went on Pinterest and found a ton of 21 Day fix recipes! We made 4 new things for week 3!

Baked Ziti...this was SUPER good! We decided after eating it that we needed to add some more red pepper flakes...which an approved item! 

Mexican Lasagna...

This is one thing that wasn't too yummy! ha! They look yummy but they weren't very good. We need to add some cinnamon or vanilla to these...they were lacking some flavor....

Baked Ziti cooked! 

This chicken salad was one of my favorite things we tried! SUPER yummy!!! 
Loved this lunch! Breakfast sandwich for lunch! YUM!!

Mexican Lasagna was a hit too! 

And I think it tasted better the second day we ate it! ha! (This is HUGE for eating leftovers?!?!? haha!)

Lemon Garlic Chicken on whole wheat noodles...this was my favorite new recipe!!!

The Sunday sermon we had when I began week 3 was written for me...or least that's what I thought! ha! :) Our pastor was talking about how as Christians we have to be uncomfortable when living for the Kingdom of God! Not like uncomfortable meaning you have no house, car, or things that you need...he was talking about doing things that may be uncomfortable. And for me this whole journey has pushed me to be uncomfortable...because I could have easily quit and been "comfy"but I decided to push myself to stay consistent! I was comfy not working out daily and eating "okay". But now that I pushed myself to do something uncomfortable and have been so amazed with how much I've grown closer to the Lord! 

I work to each night after I put the kiddos to bed. This was one night that the Mr. said he would put them to bed for me so I could get a jump start on my workout and then it ended up being a family workout! ha! :) I love that I walk up to my bedroom, change into workout clothes, press play and 30 minutes later I feel refreshed, sore(in a good way), and accomplished! 

Okay, so this part is SUPER out of my comfort zone...I'm going to share my before and after pictures! 

I lost 14 lbs!!!
I lost 11 inches throughout my body. 

I had a lot of NONSCALE victories fitting in some pants that I haven't in a while, not looking 3 months pregnant daily, not getting out of breath from simple daily task(HA!), and just feeling AMAZING all the time!

I plan on starting another round of the 21 Day Fix TOMORROW! This is my new way of works for me and this is the BEST I have felt in years! Of course I still have some pounds and inches that I would like to loose but more importantly I'm focused on my HEALTHY lifestyle! 

I CAN do all things through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS me. 
Philippians 4:13

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow in Ga! :)

We don't get much snow around here so when there is any chance for it people get excited around here! :) 

We had been hoping for it all week and finally got some Friday night! 

Our schools released an hour early. I was glad to get the kids home before the roads got bad. 

We started the afternoon/evening out with a fire, watching Frozen and eating breakfast for dinner! :) 

It finally starting snowing! We bundled the kids up and took them out for about 5 minutes! 
When we came in Daddy made "hot chocolate" (almond milk with coco powder) and we watched the snow come down for a few minutes. 
The girls loved drinking out of my Vera Bradley mugs!
TJH was a great helper with keeping the fire going!

We woke up to a very pretty dusting of snow! First snow in our new home! 

Daddy kept a great fire going and we had a slow morning of snuggles and watching The Jungle Book for the very first time!! 

Perfect start to our weekend!! 

We love snow!!!

(Even if it was less than an inch! ha!)