Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to work week...

Monday was my last day of summer! TJH and I soaked it up at home by playing, reading and snuggling! 

I headed back to work on Tuesday and the Mr. finished up his summer classes on Tuesday. The MIL and FIL came to watch TJH for us while we were both gone on Tuesday. We had a great visit with them!

Frist day of work 2012 and sweet boy has grown so much!

The in-loves came last year the same days to watch TJH for the same reasons...I headed back to work and the Mr. finished up his class. Grandpa had a picture with him in 2012 and 2013! :) 

The Mr. had the T's over for lunch while the Mommys went back to work! TJH loves TDW IV! 

GMama and TJH in their matching Elmo shirts before she left :)

Daddy and TJH played a lot this week....

Taking his baby for a drive!

This is the sweetest boy ever...he wanted to take his baby to bed and sleep with her! He's going to be such a good big brother! 

I have such handsome boys!

The Mr. took Tucker to the Splash Pad on Friday! :)

TJH might be trying to drop his second nap or it could have to do with teething but instead of napping on Friday afternoon he wanted to snuggle with Ethel. :) 

Overall we all had a great week getting back into the routine of Mommy working again. TJH loves spending his days with the Mr....and I love spending the evenings with both of my boys!

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