Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's a GIRL!

Sweet AMS 
was born this morning!
7lbs 8oz
20.5 inches

TJH is so excited about this very first cousin! 
The Mr. is so excited to be an uncle!
And I'm so excited about having a NIECE!

Week 21

Dear Tucker,

What a fun week we've had! Daddy had class all week everyday from 9-5pm...but he got it knocked out! So you and Mommy decided to get a lot of visiting in! :)

And we snuggled a lot! :)

Monday we hung out with Aunt H! Aunt H is one of Mommy's best friends from college. You loved playing with her! We think you thought she looked like me but when she would talk you would look back at me. It was cute!

Tuesday we went to see Aunt C and WRG! We played all morning and then went to lunch! WRG loves you so much and calls you Tuck! It's cute!  

When we got home from Aunt C's and Daddy got home you tried rice cereal for the very first time! It was such a fun experience! You weren't sure about it and made the cutest faces! We are going to slowly introduce it to you. Your weight and sleep is great so we are just trying it because you get fussy in the afternoons...we think this is because of teething and you becoming more active. 

Wednesday morning Mommy had to go get a physical and you came along for the ride. You were so good in the doc office and my doctor thought you were so cute!

You are becoming so active and are trying to sit up. You do this thing now that I call "bucking" you will throw your head back and arch your back. And when you are laying down you try to sit up by pulling your head up. You've almost rolled over from back to tummy...but not yet. And you haven't rolled over much more from tummy to back. I am totally okay with you doing all of this slow...I want you to be my little baby forever. :)

Ethel joins you for tummy time! I love how you were looking at her in this picture.

You love the mirror that GMama gave you! You talk to yourself and it's just so darn cute!

Thursday we met E and A for lunch! You had so much fun watching A and she LOVED holding you! You were so good through the visit and enjoyed E feeding you your bottle!

So you've outgrown your Bumbo...your chunky legs don't fit anymore. :) We had to get out your big boy high chair! You loved sitting in it! 

Friday the temp got up to 107! So, we stayed inside all day! Our good friend L came to play! His Mommy and Daddy needed to move without his help. :) You loved playing with LMan! :)

You LOVED watching L would coo at him and L was great about sharing the toys with you!

You are getting so strong! You love to sit and are still pretty wobbly so Mommy is always close by.

Friday night you had a surprise visitor! Your Aunt A starting having some contractions so GMama stopped by on her way up to SC. You loved having her hear to watch you eat your cereal, bath time and bed time! 

Yet another wonderful week with you sweet boy! You light up our world and make life so much better! We thank God for you all the time! We know we are so privileged to be your parents.
We love you TJH!

Big Celebrations!

Happy 4th Birthday to my nephew A! Can't believe you're already 4!!
We remember the day you were born!

Now you're such a big boy!
Love you AHB!

And a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to A's parents!

10 years!!!
Can't believe I stood beside L 10 years ago as she said I DO to T! WOW! 
Such a wonderful couple!

We love all three of yall!
Enjoy your special day!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beach Trip #2

We were blessed with a trip to the beach with the Mr's parents. TJH loved having his grandparents with him all week. :)

We went to Sandestin. The Mr. and I had been there many times, but his parents hadn't been there before. We all really enjoyed our time there. It's a great place for families. 

Can't wait until the next time we can take TJH to the beach again! He just loved it! :)