Friday, June 26, 2015

Goodbye 152 Putters Drive

Today we said goodbye to our first home! It's bittersweet for sure! We lived there for 5 years and a lot of wonderful things happened during that time. 

February 26, 2010...the day we closed on the house!

We brought home Ethel to this house...April 2010. 

We had many parties, showers, dinners, sleep overs and family gatherings! 

We brought home our first child in this home...Tucker John on February 6, 2012!

We celebrated his 1st birthday in our home with a ton of our family and friends! 

Then on September 15, 2013 we brought home Emma Kate and Olivia! 
Our house got full super quick! :) 

We had the best neighbors ever! It was the perfect house to start our family and have three little ones running around. We are so excited about our new home which will have more rooms and more yard to play in! 

So long 152 Putters were wonderful to us! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

More Fun Times in PTC!

We are still here and having a blast! :) 
How many girls do you see in the window?

It's been SOO hot! Sprinkler fun has been great!

Quick walks in the shade! 

Lots of fun with this handsome dude!

We enjoyed the time we had with Aunt B  while she was here before she headed to her next destination. 

We drove by my childhood home. It's changed so much since when we lived there. 

This girl has required A LOT of attention...we think it's a combo of getting used to actually hearing things clearly and not being at home. 

The kiddos love all the different toys at G and Pa's house. 

This boy is so sweet...I think he gets sweeter by the day! :) 

Daddy got the girls up from their nap and gave them a snack! :)

I finally found my name and spelled correctly!! Just need the second half to my double name. 

The girls watching Mr and TJH work on the back patio...the Mr. is re doing the back patio for GMama!

We made a Sam's run and these girls love the double cart! 

A couple doors down from G and Pa is a sweet family and they have two precious is the same exact age as TJH! They have been having a blast together! 

We had a great day yesterday celebrating our wonderful fathers! I couldn't be with mine but we talked and will see each other soon! 

The kiddos loved giving the Mr. his cards that they picked out! 

The Mr. will be getting lots of new plants for our new yard...he can't wait to make our new yard beautiful! 
Lovin' on their Daddy! 

We have a busy week ahead so we will post about all of that later...but until now we are still enjoying our summer together! :) 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day for the Mr.!

Happy Father's Day to our very favorite Daddy around here! 

TJH, EKH and OCH are the LUCKIEST kids ever because they have the BEST Daddy in the whole entire world!

Here are a few of our favorite recent pictures of Daddy with his kiddos! :) 

We love you so much Daddy and are so thankful for everything you do for our family! 
You make us laugh a lot and always make simple task so much more fun!
Thank you for being the BEST Daddy we could ever have!