Friday, April 24, 2015

Smoothies and Sunshine!

The sun finally came out and we had a blast one afternoon this week playing outside and drinking smoothies! 

It was a great way to end our day! All together drinking some yummy smoothies! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ear Infections and ENT!

Monday I stayed home with the girls. They both had fevers on and off since Friday and we knew the minute that EK wasn't sleeping at night that something was up. We suspected ear infections and we were right! 

Olivia had a double ear infection and EK had one side...but this is her 4th ear infection for this year...that's one each month. So...we are headed to the ENT May 6th to discuss what needs to happen to help our sweet little girl.. She actually has had 6 in the last 6 months...but our pedi goes by the calendar year. 

We are praying we can get a solution so our baby girl doesn't have any more pain! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunday Sunday in the Rain!

We had a lot of rain the past week! UGH...but we've tried to make the best of it! 

Sunday morning we met J and T for our almost monthly Waffle House breakfast! We love catching up and the boys love synch each other too! 

We spent the rest of the day inside because of the weather and also because the girls were sick...we thought it might be ear infections. 

But we did bust outside for a like 5 min to play in the rain in between baking chocolate chip cookies! 

The girls found some of my necklaces and wore them most of the afternoon! 

We were cleaning the girls high chairs so we had to put them on the floor to eat and they loved it! 

After I put the kids to bed Sunday night I went to clean up the downstairs and found this in the closet where we keep their toys. :) Looked like an animal birthday party! Even though there are some really tough moments of motherhood there are so many amazing moments! I am one blessed Mama!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Saturday Fun!

Goodness, do we love Saturdays!

Our first normal top on Saturdays...Farmer's Market!

After the Farmer's Market me and TJH headed to L's 4th birthday party at Chuckie Cheese! We had never been and we had a blast!! 

When we got home we played with EK&O! 

We love Saturdays together!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Break Take 2!

This past week was the Mr.'s Spring Break! It was nice for both of us! He was able to rest and get some stuff done around our house. And he was able to take the kids to school...which meant I could go at my old 6:00 AM time and get work done at school. 

He changed our selling relator during the week so we are super hopeful that our house will sell quicker now. He did some things around the house that needed to be done without kids here and for the sell of our house. 

We also were able to eat dinner a lot together this week because he was working late! The kids loved this! 

EK loves wipes! She loves to wipe her hands and nose...she also loves to clean! :) My mom said I was the same way when I was little. 

The Mr. did some work in the yard too...and of course the kiddos wanted to help! 

GMama had gotten the girls jean jackets a few weeks ago and since we had this cold snap again this week we pulled them out! And boy, do they look cute in them! EK was so excited about hers that she wanted to take it to bed with her! 

One night for Tuck's one-on-one time we played with Oreo Matchin' Middles...they are super fun...they have shapes in the inside and you have to match them can play a lot of games with them. We talked about shapes, counted and even organized them into groups. He's at an age that he is just soakin' up everything! :) 

The Mr. did good taking the kids this week to school...when I picked up the kids on Friday EK only had one shoe on! We all just laughed! At least it was just for one day! 

Everyone enjoyed the Mr. being at only 24 more days of school and it's SUMMER!