Monday, August 19, 2013

Our weekend

It's crazy to think that we only have a couple more weekends of being a family of three!

This weekend was wonderful!

The Mr. headed to the lake with his best friends. He loves getting away to the lake for some fun! It was rainy but they still had a blast hanging out, cooking and going out on the lake. I was glad he was able to get away for a little bit before our life getting super busy with three babies! :) 

My mom knew that the Mr. was going to the lake so she offered to come stay with me and TJH. It was so wonderful spending time with her and I was very glad to have her help. I can't really pick TJH up anymore and I can't bathe him and stuff like that. She came up early Saturday morning and stayed with us until Sunday afternoon after the Mr. got home. Saturday we went to lunch and Hobby Lobby. Then we went to the Varsity later for dinner! YUM! Tuck loved playing with Honey and Laney(her dog)! 

My mom brought up the girls some more outfits! They are preemie dresses so we know they will fit them well. :) And I finished up some of their bows so now they are packed for the hospital! :) They have a whole gallon-size zip-lock bag filled with their bows and hats! It's a must! :) 

Sunday evening was spent with the three of us back together playing again! We are soaking up this time and looking forward to what the next few weeks holds for us! 

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