Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 8

Dear Tucker,

Goodness, almost 2 months old! The last 8 weeks have been a blast!

Sunday, we came back from being out of town for the first time. You did an excellent job sleeping outside of your room and you traveled so well! When we got back in town, you went and played disc golf with Daddy while Mommy was away at a Junior League event. Mommy's friend K was at the park with Daddy because her husband plays disc golf with Daddy and she walked you around with her son L! You had a blast!!

Monday we headed off to Bundles of we do every week! :) You weighed in at 12lbs. 10oz! Mommy is so proud of you growing so big! You are such a good eater! You are getting about 4-5.5oz when you nurse.

Mommy is almost done with grad school(I'll be done in December), so I have to write a really big paper to finish up. So, Mommy had to start writing this week too.So, when you napped, Mommy wrote! Makes me sad that I have to take time away from you, but I know we will have so much fun when I'm done!

You are really starting to coo loud and coo back at us when we talk to you! And you LOVE to kick your legs!

You and Daddy were so sweet to Mommy! Mommy has had to write so much for grad school I've been going to the library. On Wednesday you and Daddy met me for lunch. It was so great to see you and get to nurse you in between a big writing session. 

Mommy was sad that we didn't get to go to Mama-Baby Yoga this week, but you've enjoyed us doing some of it home. :)

Daddy loved spending time with you this week while Mommy was writing. After Mommy came home we took the pups to the park to swim. You slept in your stroller while we walked around the park and watched the pups swim.

You really love to coo and squeal now. It's so fun because Mommy and Daddy feel as though you are "talking" to us. Your smiles are the most precious thing in the whole world! 

You always wake up so happy in the mornings. Mommy and Daddy LOVE to go in and say good morning to you! :)

On Saturday we headed into Atlanta to meet one of Mommy and Daddy's good friends L! You were excited to meet her! On our way we got to see The Color Run take place in Atlanta too...what a cool 5K! Mommy and Daddy hope to do it...getting safe paint thrown on you while you run. We walked around Piedmont Park and visited with L! Then we headed to have some lunch. You were such a good boy the whole time!

Also, Daddy found out that he got into graduate school on Saturday! YAY!!! Congrats Daddy! This is such great news!

We had a wonderful week with you! Mommy is very sad that I only have two more weeks with you. But we are going to soak up all the time together!

We love you TJH!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'll be away...

Good morning faithful readers!

I wanted to make you aware that HammarLove will be down for a while. As you know, I'm in grad school and I have been assigned my COMPS...which is my written exam to wrap up my program. I have three weeks to write my comps. This 25-30 page paper is one of the last requirements for my program. So along with writing, I'll spending the last bit of time I have with TJH before going back to work. I have decided that my blog will have to go on the back burner. But don't you worry, I'll still be posting Tucker's weekly post and after April 16th I'll be back! :) Please pray for me in this next couple of weeks while I find time to write, still do the course work for my 3 other classes, spend time with TJH and the Mr. and enjoy what's left of my maternity leave before returning to work.

Thanks for your prayers and support! :)

P.S. I'm going to miss blogging so much. :(

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 7

Dear Tucker,

7! :)

You are such a smiler now! It's so fun! You smile when Mommy and Daddy talk to you or when one of us walk to you and start talking to you.

You went to church for the first time this week! We've been wanting to go before you were 6 weeks old, but we've had wonderful friends and family at our house on the weekends. You did so good, and we only had to walk out of Sunday School or church because you were grunting! ha!

Monday at Bundles of Joy you weighed 12 lbs 3oz! You enjoy listening to the other babies there and your friend Hudson from church was there this week! :)

Daddy got you a special cookie this week. Of course you can't eat yummy things like that yet, so Mommy and Daddy shared it for you. :)

You wore a special shirt this week from Mommy's best friend L. L and W gave you this shirt at our Gender Reveal party that Mommy and Daddy had when we found out what you were. :)

You still are sleeping great! You sleep anywhere between 8-10 hours now. We are so very blessed that you are good sleeper. We've heard stories from other Mommys and Daddys about how their babies don't sleep good. We are very glad that you sleep good. Good sleeper=happy baby!

You went with Mommy to her doctor's appointment this week, Mommy's doc thought you were very handsome and she gave us the okay to run! :) So we went on our first run together! You loved riding in your stroller while Mommy ran. :) You slept the whole time!

(You have milk all over your clothes!)
Daddy watched you while Mommy went to grad school this week and he did a great job with you. He always does! :) But he fed you wayyy to much milk while I was gone! ha! We laughed about it, but make sure you don't let Daddy feed you that much next week while Mommy is in class.

You big sister Ethel loves you to pieces! She is so good with you! I just know yall will be best buds when you can play with her. She is very gentle with you, she give you sweet kisses and always wants to make sure you are okay.

Bath time is still so fun with you! You love the warm water and don't mind if it gets on your face. You love to kick the water. :)

You got to see Mommy's three best friends from college, THE FOUR.

Then we took an unexected trip to our hometown to pick up another car for us. You got to see your GMama, Grandpa, Aunt Barabra, Honey, Aunt LK, Aunt K, and our dear friend J. We also got to introduce you to your Daddy's best friend, K's parents. :) 
With your aunties before their prom!

With our friend J! :)

Tucker, you are such a good boy! We are so thankful how laid back you are and how loving you are. We love telling you about Jesus, because we are so thankful that He gave us you.

We love you so much TJH!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday!

It's Friday! :)

Waiting on the rain to move in, we need it bad! The pollen is CRAZY!

We have a pretty low key weekend ahead which is wonderful. :)

Tuck wore this shirt yesterday and I thought it was too cute! The Mr. picked it out for him to wear, which I thought was sweet!

And while he was nursing yesterday he just propped his feet right on to his sister. :)

What are you weekend plans?
Enjoy whatever you do! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's Wednesday!

So what if....

  •  It was like Christmas morning today when I woke up and knew that I could go running!
  •  I'm loving all the support our town gives new mamas!
  • I love the weather evenings and mornings right now...but it won't last.
  • I hooked to iced  carmellattes from DD! SO YUMMY!
  • I'm excited about Tucker's first big holiday!
  • I'm so excited that my two baby sisters are going to prom this weekend! Makes me feel old! ha!
  • I'm glad my co-workers know how much I don't want to go back to work...they will be such a great support system when I do have to go back. :(
  • I'm so comfortable nursing...but I'm still a little werid about nursing uncovered around people I don't know. ha! Tuck and I use our hooter hider!
  • I'm loving how chunky my lil boy is getting! :)
  • I'm looking forward to see my best friends this week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Small Rant:

I don't usually use my blog to complain...but I am today.

I LOVE Target. I love their clothes, baby items, home items, make-up and etc! I could go on about how much I love the store! O and the Dollar Spot! get it...I love Target.

Well I have a very large problem with our local Target now....

Earlier this week Tucker and I headed into Target. As we entered I could tell he needed a diaper change. I headed to the Woman's restroom to change him. I walk in and CANNOT find the changing table that used to be located in there. I looked in the stalls and all around the bathroom. It was nowhere.

I exit the restroom to find the manager. I asked her where the changing table was and she said, "O, ya someone came and took it out." I then asked her where she suggested I changed my child so I could shop in her store. She gave me attitude and told me to go to the fitting rooms. Umm..okay?

So, I head back to the fitting rooms....Tuck now is getting upset. I get back to the fitting room and the fitting room girl was SO rude. I told her that the manager had sent me back there. Well both large fitting rooms were occupied. Then the fitting room girl tells one of the young girls she has to get out and was so rude. I then felt horrible for the girl trying on clothes. was so uncomfortable and not fun.

Something that could have taken 2 minutes was a 20 min ordeal and lead to a crying baby and VERY UNHAPPY mommy!

Target...I'm very disappointed in you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Fun Day! :)

We had a wonderful Sunday as a family of three!

We were able to go to church for the first time! I know, Tuck is 6 weeks old, but we've had company almost every weekend since he's been born(which we love!). So today was a special day and Tuck was soo good! :)

(I think he was trying to wink at me!;) )

After sunday school and church we headed to the park with T and J! The Mr. and T played disc golf and J, Tucker and myself all took a nice walk! It was pretty warm outside but Tucker enjoyed the walk and fun time outside.

Tucker loves bath time! So we ended our afternoon with bath time! He has started to kick his legs when he's in the water. It's so cute! :)

We had a wonderful day together! I'm thankful for these times!

How was your weekend?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snuggle Buddies!

Tuck and the Mr. are great snuggle buddies! They have mastered it together! :)

So in love with these two boys!

They bring so much joy and laughter into my life!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 6

Dear Tucker,

You are becoming such a big boy! :)

Our week started out in the park. You love riding in your stroller and listening to Mommy and Daddy talk.

At Bundles of Joy this week you weighed in at 11lbs 8oz! Such a healthy boy. We are so blessed that you are eating good and gaining weight. It makes Mommy and Daddy feel at ease.

Before we left for Bundles of Joy on Monday you were smiling at your Daddy! You are so happy in the mornings and love to listen to us talk  and sing to you. :)

Mommy's friends from work are on Spring Break this week so we've been able to see our friends during the day which has been fun!

This week we started something that Mommy loves...YOGA! Mommy did yoga with you while you were in my tummy and now we can do it together at Mama/Baby Yoga! Mommy learned how to give you a baby massage and then we did yoga together. You slept through the first massage part, but Mommy watched the other mommys do it with their baby so we can do it at home. You loved laying and looking up at me while I did yoga. :)

Love in the evenings when we put your pjs on you and snuggle up!

You went to your first movie this week too! Mommy met one of her teacher friends Mrs. L to go see The Vow. You were such a good boy! You slept on me almost the whole movie and then Mrs. L held you and we visited after the movie. It was only the three of us in the theater!

You still are doing so good sleeping in your room. We are very glad we have a video monitor to check on you if you make noises during the night.

Thursday you went with Mommy and Daddy to T and J's house for Thirsty Thursdays! T and J have everyone over to sit on their wonderful front porch on Thursdays to socialize and wind down the week! You had so much fun! There were two other babies there too and when you needed to nap we just set you up and T and J's room and you were great! :) You love to go and do things with Mommy and Daddy!

(You snoozing during Thirsty Thursdays!)

Friday, Daddy had jury duty so you and Mommy ran some errands! You always do so good when we run errands.

You're eyes are such a pretty blue...I'm praying they stay blue. I've always wanted a lil blue eyed boy! Daddy thinks they will stay that color! :)

GMama and Grandpa came to visit you at the end of the week! You always love their visits! They love to hold and love on you while they are here.

You celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day! We didn't eat any green things or drink green drinks but you did wear a cute bib! :)

We've had so much fun with you! We love when you coo and talk to us when we talk to you. You have two tickle spots that you smile when we tickle you. It's so darn cute!!

Tucker, you bring so much joy into our lives. Mommy and Daddy must have lived a very boring life before you because now our life is so full of love and joy!

We love you TJH!

Friday, March 16, 2012

One month...

One month from today...

One month from today I will be leaving my sweet boy to go back to work.

One month from today I will spend the most time away from my baby in his whole life.

One month from today I will have to set my alarm to get up and get ready for work.

One month from today I won't be able to kiss my baby boy at anytime during the day.

One month from today I will leave my sweet baby with my amazig husband, who I know will take GREAT care of him.

One month from today I will begin to balance working full time, grad school and being a mommy.

One month from today I know there will be tears because thinking about it makes me cry now.

One month from today my maternity leave will end...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Monday night we watched The Bachelor with our great friends T and J. We actually had a little game going while we watched this season. The girls picked their picks of who Ben would choose and the boys did their picks. The girls won because we had chosen Courtney and that's who he picked as all of you know. With the girls winning it was the boys job to cook dinner for us! :) J kind of went against the rules and baked this amazing cake!! :) It was SOOOO good! A chocolate chip bunt cake...heaven!

We are really good about putting Tucker in his bed for night time but we do love when he falls asleep on us! :) The nurses did say that we can't spoil them too much when they are this little...and so what if we do...we love him o so much! :)

We've had a wonderful week so far! The weather is just great and I'm loving being with my two boys!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's Wednesday!

So what if....

  •  I cannot eat enough sweet stuff right's out of control!!! ugh. I cannot stop!
  •  I love the quality time that the Mr. and I are getting right now with TJH.
  • I love Words with Friends and Draw Something...I'm not usually a phone game person, but they are fun!
  • I love Wednesday night TV on ABC! Such great shows!
  • I want to get ahead on my grad school work, but holding my sweet boy is way better!
  • I'm praying that I did not look as big as Jessica Simpson does pregnant...I watched Ellen yesterday and that girl is HUGE!
  • I'm SO not wanting to go back to tummy hurts when I think about it. :(
  • I'm hoping people don't think I'm bragging about my son when I talk about what a great eater and sleeper he is. I understand that not all babies are the same. We are just very blessed to have such a good boy!
  • I'm worried that we are going to have the HOTTEST summer ever because we had NO winter. HELLO POOL! :)
  • I'm looking forward changing out my winter clothes and getting out my spring clothes!