Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Maybe?

This weekend's weather was to die for!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

We spent a lot of it outside!

I love picking up my babies everyday but Friday is my favorite! They are always so excited and I am too...two WHOLE days together!!! And they love getting their suckers from school on Friday afternoons! :) 

Our Friday night was low favorite! We ate, played and had fun! After the kids went to bed I worked out and then started watching Fuller House! I was A HUGE fan of Full House a little girl so I was pretty excited about this! I was super impressed with the first two episodes! 

This boy is TOO big! 

Saturday I got up really and headed to my school for a 5K! 

It was SO cold but super fun!

5 of my sweet students!! 

TJH had t-ball practice and then we had our neighbors over for lunch! 

Then I hit the grocery store and got my car washed! 

Saturday night we had J and M over for Saturday Night Scandal Night!! WHOOP! The kiddos love when they come over!! We played outside, had a yummy dinner and then we played my new Scandal game I got from one of my teammates for our Valentine exchange! And then of course watched Scandal! 

She cracks me up!!!

The girls loved having M read their bedtime stories!

TJH got to stay up and roll the dice for us!! :) 

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then came home! The Mr. took the kids out to play while I meal prepped for the week! 
Sunday was also a special day! It's Nana's birthday and 3 years ago on February 28th we found out we were having twins! I do believe that Nana and God got together on that one! :) So blessed to have these sweet girls! 

Silly kids! :) 

LOVING this weather!

I got a run in and some outside work time while everyone took naps(including the Mr!)!

What a wonderful weekend! I can feel Spring in the air! And boy, I can't wait for more memories to be made with  my sweet babies!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Week Wrap Up!

We had a great end of our week! 

I'm starting to see some toning in different places in my body! WHOOP! 

This boy. O my goodness, I could eat him up! He is SO sweet! 

Chocolate Rice Cakes. SUPER. YUMMY. SNACK! 

Do you spy a dog? Lucy girl is ready for them to drop anything! 

I usually am the one to put the girls to bed...but I needed a night off of it last week so I asked the Mr. to put them to bed. Well, it took longer then usual so they ended up being apart of my workout! ha! Still working out and not letting things(or my babies!) get in the way! 

Best. Friends. Forever!

Thursday afternoon the kids were a little too crazy so once we got them eating dinner I ran upstairs to change, go to the bathroom in peace and doing about 10 minutes of work! WHOOP! Love that my second job can be done whenever I have a crack of time in the day! :) 

We are ready for the weekend!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Helper, Jesus, & Family Selfies!

Our week has been great! Always looking forward to the weekends! :) 

My favorite list helper! He LOVES to hold the list for me while we shop! Notice where his pen is!?! 

Just a few of my meal prep essentials! 

Can we say a YUMMY snack!

These girls love carrying bags! :) 

I'm loving Jesus Calling! It's the perfect daily devotion for me! I'm going to start a new bible study next month and I'm super pumped! 

Favorite drink! 

Few dinner selfies! 

My family cracks me up! :) 

Tried the new Beachbody program that is coming out next week and I LOVE it! I cannot wait to start it! 

My favorite time of day is when we are all together! Our evenings can be crazy but it's so nice to all sit and listen to Daddy read! I am blessed. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


 So What Wednesdays! 
Go over to Life After I 'Dew' for more fun links!
Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:

So What If ...
  • I'm counting down the days until the new 22 Minute Hard Corps program comes out!! I cannot wait to get started on it!
  • I'm O.V.E.R. the rain....ugh.
  • I'm so excited about surprising my students with our two new guinea pigs today!
  • I'm really enjoying my Cricut...I love that I've been able tomato some gifts for people!
  • I'm ready for strawberry season! YUM! Can't wait to pick some too!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Birthday Weekend and more!

Friday was the Mr's actual birthday! We had big plans to go to a late movie...TJH had practice so there was no getting to an early one. Well, we are so OLD. We stayed home! Thankfully our babysitters were great with hanging out with us! :) Thank you again LK and C for coming! 

So we got dressed to stay home so insisted on a picture! :)

Saturday morning I headed out for a baby shower of one of my best friends/sorority sisters! 

Long drive=HEALTHY fast food!

Daddy painted nails while I was gone!

Hanging out at the shower with some babies! :) 
All of us sisters with the mama to be! :) 

GMama and Aunt B came for a visit and to celebrate the Mr's birthday! 

We all headed to T's t-ball practice! This was the first one I was able to come to! :) 

Some of his biggest fans!

After practice we headed home and cooked a SUPER yummy dinner for the Mr! 

And I made his favorite...chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream icing! 

These two cuties kissing at dinner! 

And then I got some love too!

Double sisters!

Sunday we grocery shopped, meal prepped, cleaned, and played! Went to late service and small group! WHOOP!

What a wonderful weekend celebrating my favorite guy!