Monday, August 25, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 50

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

What a great week! You two are into everything these days and are always making us smile! 

So glad some of your clothes still fit from last fall! :) Glad, Aunt Cee bought clothes a little bit bigger. :)

You two got your first birthday present!!! A super fun cupcake kitchen from our cousin M! :) So much fun! You girls LOVE it and have already baked SO many cupcakes! 

Daddy went out of town for the weekend. We still had A LOT of fun at home for the weekend!

Tucker wanted to read a book to you two before bed and you two actually listened. :) 

You two liked watching TJH pick up the dead bugs outside on Saturday morning! 

Saturday morning we headed out on a hike with  J and M! You two LOVED being in the stroller on the bumpy trail!

Caught you two holding hands on the trail too! :) 

TJH was tickling you two so much and you both loved it! I got some super cute videos of it! 

Climbing the stairs...yall did so good! Later in the weekend this wouldn't end so well. :(

Sunday morning started off great! Lots of playing and big breakfasts! 

Then when it was time for morning nap we all headed up the stairs...Owie, you went a few ahead and then turned around I guess to see where EK was and fell down a few stairs and hit your head. :( We had to take you to Urgent Care and you got 4 stitches. :( You were SO brave!

Waiting on the numbing meds to work. 

Right after the stitches. 

Asleep on the way home. 

When we got back TJH and EK had had so much fun with J and M! We are SO thankful for them! 

Sister and Sisterbear back together!

After good long naps we all ate lunch together! :) Great talks at lunch! 

Wouldn't know by  these picutres that Owie had such a rough morning. You did cry on and off all day because of the pain. 

Other than the stitches it was a wonderful week! We love you two so very much! 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Owie gets Stitches :(

This morning started out wonderful! We all ate and played and when it was time for naps we all headed upstairs. All weekend the girls had been going up the stairs themselves and I was spotting them always. Well when we headed up Owie was going a bit faster than EK. EK made a noise and Owie turned around to see what was going on. When she turned around she lost her balance and fell down about 4 stairs and hit the molding on the side of our stairs. 

At first it didn't look too bad but then it started to swell. I called M (our wonderful neighbor/friend) and she came so quickly. She then text our other neighbor J(who is a nurse) and she came over and confirmed that I did need to take her. She said to take her to Urgent Care and that she would need stitches. 

I was keeping it together on the outside but was losing it on the inside. I felt awful that she had gotten hurt while I was with her. I was right there....I couldn't believe she got hurt. 

I took this picture right after it happened to send to the Mr. to see what he thought but he was out of town. And his phone was off. So, I did was J told me to...I took her. 

We only waited a little while at the Urgent Care. She was acting pretty normal and wanted to play with a little train I happened to have in my purse(Thank you TJH!). 

She was super sleepy which worried me but it was also her nap time. They checked her out and decided that she just needed stitches. I asked about glue but they said babies her age can pick it off. 

They came in again and put numbing meds on her and we had to wait for 20 minutes for that to kick in. 

I got a few smiles out of her and she loved me playing with her feet. I was glad I was able to distract her. 

The worst part was when she actually got the stitches. They strapped her down so she wouldn't move. And then they started stitching her up. I got to sit right next to her. I sang to her and held her arm(inside the straps). I was proud of myself for not losing it. She didn't like this part at all. (Who would?) But she was still so brave. The nurse and doc were impressed with her. 

She fell asleep as we were pulling out of the parking lot. I think I turned around like 25 times to check on her. 

She was so excited to see EK when we got home. They had their bottles together and EK was so sweet and checked her out. Then it was nap time. They both took good long naps. Owie still had her band-aid on when she woke up and didn't ever even touch it. 

The rest of the afternoon was touch and go. She would cry on and off because of the pain. Usually me just holding her would help! We did keep meds in her all day. And I was a nervous wreck she was going to fall on the stitches. 

She did play for awhile with EK and TJH. 

We don't have to keep a band-aid on it, just meds. And we are hoping this is her last set of stitches! :)

I"m so thankful it wasn't any worse...but seeing my baby hurt was AWFUL. I don't think my heart can handle injuries like this...but I'm sure more will happen as they grow up...I mean the Mr. had 5 sets of stitches in his head before the age of 6! :)