Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 So What Wednesday
 So What Wednesdays! 
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Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:
So What If ...
  • I'm so glad TJH didn't wake up with a fever this morning...he's had a fever since Monday of 102-104!
  • I cannot believe that tomorrow is May! 
  • We only have 12 more days of school! WHOOP!
  • I know why I LOVED Grey's Anatomy years ago! I started re-watching it from the beginning on Netflix and I just LOVE that show!
  • I'm hoping we can go pick strawberries this weekend!
  • I'm looking forward to more time to blog! I feel like I need some more creative posts...
  • We will be heading to the beach in about a month! 

    Tuesday, April 29, 2014

    Weekends with Us

    I've always enjoyed my weekends. But now that I have three babies at home my weekends are so precious!

    This weekend was wonderful. I think the Mr. and I could breath a little bit because we knew he was done. We knew we didn't  need to prep for another house guest. We knew it was just us for the weekend. 

    Friday we hung out and went and dropped off  Baby T's 1st birthday present. Then we came back did a group bath and put the babies to bed. 

    Saturday we went T's 1st birthday party. Which was PERFECT! J did great with the decorations, food and hospitality!

    After the party we started to move the girls over into their own room! :)

    The Mr. and I finally could watch the Scandal season finale.

    Sunday we didn't go to church because O and EK both had fevers...we are pretty sure it was just teething but we wanted to play it safe! 

    We got a LOT done this weekend too! The girls have been in our nook since they were born and they moved out this weekend. We moved them into their own room. Their room was the guest room for the last 5 months. But now, they are all moved in. Olivia took a night to adjust but EK was fine.

    So in other eyes our weekend may have seemed boring, but to us it was wonderful! :)

    Monday, April 28, 2014

    EKH & OCH Week 33

    Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

    This was the last week of Daddy being away and having family stay with us. GMama kept you girls this week! 

    You girls are loving lunch and dinner time! :) We may add another meal soon. 

    Emma Kate you have mastered saying Dada! :) It's pretty cute and when Daddy got home on Tuesday you were saying his name so loud until he came and talked/loved on you! 

    You two enjoy playing with each other and passing toys back and forth.

    You girls love the blue raspberry teething toys! So much that you girls usually try to have both at the same time...we are working on sharing. :)

    You girls love all the new toys that GMama gave you girls for Easter.

    You girls received a lot of love from G and E because it was their last week with you girls. 

    You girls pretty much think that Tucker is the BEST thing in the entire world!!

    You girls were teething pretty bad this week. Slight fevers included. 

    But you girls were still filled with smiles and giggles!

    We were so sad to see GMama go...we are SO thankful for her. You girls just adore her!

    The weather has been so nice and we were able to play outside which you girls loved.

    Saturday we went to T's 1st birthday party! You girls had a blast and were so good!

    We didn't go to church on Sunday because both of you girls had fevers. We are almost 99% sure it's from teething but we wanted you girls to rest and be comfy at home. 

    Daddy sliced some apples for you ladies and you LOVED it! 

    And Daddy had made Tucker and Mommy waffles for breakfast so he froze some for you girls to chew on. YUM!

    Big news this week! We moved you girls into your OWN room Saturday/Sunday. You slept in there for first time on Saturday night. O, you were a little nervous about it and woke up a couple of times. But other than that we think you girls like having your own room. :)

    Mommy made you girls some baby food...but you girls DID NOT like it! O well! 

    You girls are so good and like to play and watch Mommy work out. :)

    What a wonderful week! Full of changes...but good ones! :) 

    We are so thankful for you two beauties! We love you so very much!


    Friday, April 25, 2014

    Thank you isn't enough!

    The Mr. started grad school in the Summer of 2012...we knew that there would be parts of his program that would require us to find childcare for Tucker. We had no idea that God had even bigger plans for our family and before his program was over we would have two more little ladies join our family! :) When we found out the exact dates for his student teaching and graduation date we knew we would have to find childcare for our 3 children! 

    We have been very fortunate that Tucker never went to day care(NOTHING against daycare)because the Mr. was able to stay at home with him and do grad school in the evenings. So, when we found out that the Mr. would be student teaching for 14 weeks we knew we would have to figure something out. Of course we prayed about it...and the Mr. is way more patient about that then I am. I've learned quickly that he's not being lazy or doesn't care but most of the time he's put it in God's hands and is waiting for Him to answer. 

    So, we asked our family for help. I sent an email before the girls were even born to all of our family asking if they could help us in the Spring of 2014. The response was AMAZING! They said YES, of course! 

    After the girls were born we knew quickly that we would need more than just our family to help. The Mr. and I could handle our 3 children alone, but we knew it would be tough for someone else. I became VERY stressed about this. Please remember this was during the time that EK screamed 9-11 hours a day so my stress level was elevated already. My very dear friend K mentioned, my sister is available this semester so if you ever need an extra hand just call her. Well, that just about saved our lives! E, graduated in December and was awaiting grad school acceptance, so she had this whole semester open. I called her quickly and she responded within a week and we were set! Her main focus would be TJH and she would come everyday from 7-12. :)

    For the last 15 weeks we have had a family member in our home taking care of our children. And for the past 15 weeks E has come everyday to play, care for and make our son so happy! Most of them would arrive on Sunday evening and would stay the whole week and then would leave on Friday afternoons.  Without these 6 people we COULDN'T have done any of this semesters work. The Mr. was able to student teach for 14 weeks and complete a course to complete his masters, he was able to take his certification test and complete all his school work. I was able to work everyday and stay for any after school meetings. I came home to a clean house but more importantly 3 VERY happy babies! 

    These 6 people have fed, played, cooked, laundry, vacuumed, changed sheets, baked, ironed, walked dogs, household repairs, grocery shopped, played in the snow with us, organized things, and LOVED us! I feel as though these people have made no judgments about us and have loved and supported us so much this semester. We COULD NOT have survived this semester without these people. 

    We are so grateful for their time, energy and LOVE. Our children have been SPOILED (in a good way!) by these people. And it bring tears to my eyes to think about how stressed I was about how this would all work just a few short months ago and how BEAUTIFULLY it all happened. I came home everyday to happy babies and the adult had survived each day! :)

    My children won't remember this semester because they are so young, but the Mr. and I will ALWAYS tell them how much their family (yes, M and ARE family!) loves them and how they dropped everything (even SPRING BREAK and trips!) to love on them so their Daddy could finish grad school and their Mommy could work. 

    So thank you, Aunt J(she wins the for the OLDEST care taker!), Aunt B( Gold star for taking time away from her 9 GRANDCHILDREN to be with us!), Aunt Cee( BEST auntie ever!), M(BEST neighbor ever!), GMama(BEST grandmother EVER!) and E(BEST nanny ever!)!!! We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for our family this last semester. 
    We love you so very much and our children (and of course us too) are SO blessed to have such a wonderful support system! 

    Goodness, I'm crying now. 
    And I'm sure my babies are too because it's just me and their Daddy now! :) 

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014


     So What Wednesday
     So What Wednesdays! 
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    Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:
    So What If ...
    • I'm so glad today is the last day of the CRCT for the upper grades...our schedule can go back to normal! 
    • This weather makes me a happy girl!
    • Bathing and putting the girls to bed is becoming so smooth now. :)
    • I love that Tucker asks to sweet?!?
    • I still haven't watched last weeks Scandal! 
    • I'm so behind on SnapChat but I love it! :)
    • I'm praying for a sweet friend who lost her twin girls this week. Please pray for them...they were born at 23 weeks and 3 days and both lived for a few days but went to heaven. 

      Tuesday, April 22, 2014

      Easter 2014

      We went back home for Easter this year. It was a wonderful weekend with family! We are so blessed that our children have so many loving family members that just adore them.

      Sunday morning we went to G and Pa's church. TJH went to nursery with his cousin A and did great! The girls hung out in their stroller in the service with us. They took a little nap during the sermon and were just perfect! EK got a little excited during the last prayer so we had to go out. ha! 

      This boy ADORES his GMama! 

      Goodness, I am so blessed to have this family!

      The H's! Just missing Pa! 

      After church the kids took naps and we loaded up he car. We headed to my Aunt's house for the annual egg hunt and lunch! This was Tucker's first time(last year we were in SC for Easter) and he did great!

      The girls were spoiled with lots of love and hugs!

      Love being with all of my sisters!

      The Mr. getting love from D's dog Emmett! 

      It was a beautiful day and such a wonderful reminder of Jesus's love for us. 
      Happy Easter yall!