Friday, August 9, 2013

Stay at Home Daddy!

Since school is back in session for me that means the Mr. is a stay-at-home Daddy! I am so blessed that TJH has the best situation ever...his Daddy all day to himself! :) The Mr. is so great at his job! He's always taking opportunities to teach TJH while he's home with him. 

He likes teaching TJH how to do things around the house. 

The Mr. took TJH to his 18 month doctors apportionment. He knew how to cheer him up after 2 shots...a lollipop!

They go on adventures to Home Depot and WalMart. 

And of course play in the rain! 

We have been so happy that it's worked out for TJH to be at home with his Daddy! What a lucky boy to spend his days with his Daddy. :)

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