Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 So What Wednesday
 So What Wednesdays! 
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Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:
So What If...
  • I can't believe today is the LAST day of July...where did summer go?
  • Speaking of's over for us...I went back to work yesterday. 
  • I  wasn't too sad to go back to work this year...I missed Tuck like crazy yesterday but I know he was in good hands! :)
  • I'm still on a Butterfinger FIL even bought me Butterfinger ice cream! :)
  • I think it's super thoughtful of my in-laws to give us an anniversary present! :) 
  • I'm so proud of the Mr. for finishing ALL of his classes for his degree! Next step...student teaching! SO proud of his hard work and dedication! 
  • My toes need to be painted super bad...but I can't reach them...
  • I sometimes think I have aliens in my tummy because the way the girls move my tummy looks SO weird! ha!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nursery Reveal :)

We are so very blessed! We have completed the girls nursery! :) 

My mom made their bedding! My MIL and FIL gave us their beds and changing table! They are all set!  We put the girls in our "nook" in our master bedroom. We will be moving them into their own room once all of our family has helped us in the Spring. So next summer the girls will move into our guest room, but for now they are in the nook. We were very surprised how much we could fit into the nook! :) I love how it turned out! 

EK"s side

full view

O's view 

up close of Emma Kate's bedding

up close of Olivia's bedding...we still need her mattress

The Mr found this chair and then my mom recovered the cushions for us. I love how wide it is, which I'll need for nursing and rocking two sweet girls! 

This little dresser was given to us by my mom, it was red when she gave it to us. The Mr. re did it and now it's PERFECT for the nursery! And we will be adding the book "Emma Kate" for our sweet EK! 

O's side 

EK's side

I love how it all turned out! 

Their go home dresses and bibs all ready!

changing area 

So thankful for all the talent and time that went into the nursery by our family! 
Can't wait to bring my sweet girls home to their nursery! :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

School Shower for the Girls!

Saturday 5 wonderful women that I work with threw the girls and I a beautiful baby shower! We are so very blessed! It was such a fun afternoon with yummy food, great company and wonderful gifts for the girls! We have a rule at our school that you can only have one baby shower while you are working I had a baby shower before Tucker was born and it was so fun too! But my wonderful friends wanted to throw us a shower to celebrate the coming arrival of Emma Kate and Olivia so they did it outside of school! :)

All three of my moms!

Aunt B, GMama, Grandma R and Honey

2 of the 3 sisters! :)

So part of the shower was for the guest to bring bows and I of course LOVED that! These bibs with the ribbon were set up and everyone could add their bows that they brought. :)

The details were so precious! The girls monograms...which I love!

Very yummy food...all my favorites! 

Sweet A...she is so excited for us and it's so sweet!

Twins! :)

This girl is a super mama and I've learned so much from her...her children are 19 months apart...just like ours will be. :) 

One of my very favorite co workers! She is moving up in her career so she won't be at our school anymore and we are all very sad, but I know she will be in our lives...she is TJH's black Auntie! :) And now the girls! 

All the WONDERFUl hostesses! They did such a wonderful job making us feel so loved and special! And all of these women are amazing mommys and I've learned SO much from them! 

LK gave the girls matching oneies that say I love my Aunt..but it has some cute adjectives to describe their aunt! :)

Gift cards are always wonderful and more bows! :)

Two sleepy lambs for the girls...TJH LOVES his so I know we will be using these for the girls!

My SIL couldn't be at the shower but sent these PERFECT baskets for the girls nursery...after I post pictures of their nursery you will see how PERFECT they are in their nursery! :)

These oneies are so precious! Monograms on one side and ruffles on the butt! :) And of course matching hair bows! 

Potato sack dresses! SO cute!

Matching I love Mommy outfits!

These will be precious next summer...they say little sister! I'm thinking a cute beach picture with big bows and their BIG BROTHER! :)

Monogramed blankets...softest ones ever! 

Bloomers...with monograms of course! My mom surprised me with these! 

The girls "Go Home" outfits made by my mom...BEAUTIFUL! And their monograms are on the bottoms. :)

Matching pjs! :)

And blankets to go along with them! 

My MIL surprised me with our other crib! And the Mr. was putting it together during the shower. 

Matching pjs :)

Beautiful diaper cake! 

My sweet neighbor made us a diaper cake too! And she was SOOO sweet and got Tuck a new book! 

All the guest at the shower. 

My sweet neighbor :)

My friend/co-worker who is ALSO pregnant with TWINS! :) 

We are so thankful for all the wonderful friends that I work with. The girls were given so many cute things and necessities. 

And the hostesses were just over the top! :) 

What a happy day!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Splash Pad

Friday morning we headed to our local Splash Pad that just opened this summer! We hadn't had a chance to get there yet and was so glad we were able to go on one of our last days of summer. My sis K was with us and it made the morning flawless! It's getting hard for me to chase busy TJH around and I wanted him to have a good time. Well K made sure of that! :)

I was so impressed with the Splash Pad. It was so clean and fun! And we only paid $1 per person to get in!

At first Tuck wanted to just play with this one little part, but as soon as K showed him how fun the rest was he was hooked!

He literally ran around with his tongue out and squealing the whole time!

He ran around the whole time. I would say he LOVED it!

We met up with a bunch of friends from work...we didn't get a picture of all of the kiddos but here are three of them! :) 

I'm so glad TJH had some fun with his Aunt K! He loves her so much! 

Next time we are taking Daddy with us, because he will have just as much fun as TJH did! :)