Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wonderful Weekend!

Our weekend started out so wonderful...it was our 5 year anniversary! We played with Tucker all afternoon when I got home and then put him to bed like normal. We were going to take him to dinner with us but he didn't take his second nap and were scared he might not be too much fun to take out. So our wonderful neighbor came to our house while TJH slept so we could go to dinner! 

Our first dance 5 years ago! :)

After our date! We went to our very favorite place to eat here and then got ice cream on the way home! 

Saturday was so great...we had no plans and we got to enjoy some of our favorite Saturday activities! We LOVE going to our local Farmers Market...we haven't been able to go since early Spring. 

The Mr. sharing his raspberry lemonade! 

TJH didn't want to give it back! 

Listening to the music at the market. 

Then we spent the afternoon resting, playing and I was able to get our Target alone...which is a treat! :) 

Daddy and Tuck played legos!  TJH was doing a great job building!

Then Saturday evening we had the W's over for dinner! Always a fun time! The Mr. made some yummy chicken parm and we hung out with our baby boys! 

All three T-Mans! :) 

Sunday was just as wonderful as Friday and Saturday!
We started the day off with some laughing at breakfast.

Then we took TJH's 18th month photo shoot!

Then we had dinner with our neighbors at our favorite Mexican place!

What a wonderful weekend! I'm thankful for a low-key but fun weekend with my sweet family of 3...soon it will be 5! :) 

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