Friday, June 17, 2016

Beach Vacation 2016

Here is the run down of our beach vacation for 2016! 

We were SO excited to go! We didn't go in 2015 with moving and all so we were really ready to go this year!

We headed down to the SanDestin area and it was great! The kids are at super great ages for the beach! Tucker and Emma Kate LOVED it all! Olivia took warming up each day to the beach, sand and pool but had fun for the most part. 

Livi was a little nervous about it all at first...but she ended up loving it!

We ate at Dewey's A LOT! It's right on the water and has the BEST shrimp!! Well, the best EVERYTHING! 

We had the BIGGEST was super great for the kids to eat on and play and for me to get my workouts in! 

Happy 35 years to these two!! :) 

This was my favorite of our family beach pictures! 

I got all of my workouts in for the whole week! 

We rented a boat for 1/2 day and the kids LOVED it!

First time in a two piece in 4 years!! 

We had a wonderful date night at the beach thanks to G and Pa!! 

Super sad to go home! 

Back home!