Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tucker's Baby Dedication

Sunday, August 26th was a special day for TJH!

We dedicated him to the Lord! We promised in front of our family and friends to raise Tucker through prayer, guidance and by being an example to follow the Lord! 

It was a perfect day!

Us with our amazing Pastor! 

My sweet mom and sisters...we were missing K because she was going through sorority recruitment. 

The whole family!

The H's!

Best in-laws ever!

With my sweet boy!

My little family that I love with my whole entire heart!

More of our sweet family!

With Tucker's GiGi(my grandmother)

TJH with his Honey and Mommy!

Dessert table

K and LMan

Sweet O with TJH!

K and R

My three best friends with my boy!

T meeting TJH for the first time

Uncle B with A!

Tucker John



Our church made this for sweet! And on the back is a letter for TJH to open the day he accepts Jesus as his personal savior! 

B and L

TJH and Gigi

GMama and her A

Me and K with our THREE boys!

LK (who I used to babysit!) and TJH!

These girls have been by my side for SOO much! 

Very special friend A with LK and J!

Our HS friend J!

We are so blessed to have such a supportive family and group of friends! TJH is one lucky boy to be loved by SO many people! 

Thank you to all of our family and friends for supporting us and loving on us always!

Happy Baby Dedication Day baby boy! We love you and can't wait to watch you grow spiritually!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

She's an Alpha Xi Girl!

As you know K went to college last week!

Well she went through sorority recruitment and last night received a bid from 

As many of you know I am an Alpha Xi and so is my mom! K is a TRIPLE legacy!
  (And K is in the same chapter that I was in...Zeta Omega!)

My mom and I were both VERY good about encouraging her to go Greek and make her own choice! We did not pressure her to choose Alpha Xi because of us. We wanted her to make her own decision and find a chapter that was perfect for her. 

I couldn't be more excited for her to be my sorority sister now!!! Such a cool connection! I cannot wait for her to learn even more about our wonderful chapter! I know the next four years will be so much more amazing for with her sisters in Alpha Xi Delta!

Welcome to the BEST sisterhood ever K! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We are alive....

...and well! Just SUPER busy! 

We had a WONDERFUL weekend that I will share with you guys once I get the pictures uploaded. :)

I promise to update soon!! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 29

Dear Tucker,

What a wonderful start to the week! You stayed in the nursery for the first time ever! We've been going to our wonderful church but either you've been quite enough to sit with us or we've been out of town. So finally you were able to meet your nursery teachers, Mrs. Janet and Mr. Neil. :) You smiled when they took you and when we came back you were so happy! They said you were very good and loved watching the other children. Mommy only got a little upset.

You and Daddy before dropping you off. :)

With your nursery sticker on. 

On the way home you fell alseep and took a great nap! I would say you had a lot of fun! :)

Later on Sunday you headed to the grocery store with Mommy. You love that you can sit in the buggie and look around. You did want to pull things off the shelves and grab Mommy's coupons. 

You laugh so much right now. Mommy and Daddy can sing the silliest songs and dance around and you just laugh so hard! It makes us so happy that you are so excited and happy all the time! :)

Mondays are tough for Mommy because I miss you so much! The weekends are so fun and then I have to go back to work on Mondays. :( But Daddy is so good at sending me pictures and letting me know what yall have been up to!

You love to roll around and move in your crib. 

Daddy has started taking you on a morning walk! You love walks!

You LOVE bananas! And Daddy tried something new this week...frozen bananas! It was a hit with you for sure!

You've been running low-grade fevers due to teething. But you are still so happy. The teething tablets and frozen toys do the trick most of the time!

I'm so glad you're so happy in the afternoons! Mommy was so sad to miss mornings with you because you are so fun in the mornings, but you are fun in the afternoons too!

Ethel loves you so much! She likes to sleep on your monitor while your napping. She is protecting you even when you are sleeping! :)

You have mastered sitting for sure! You can't sit up from laying down, but if we put you on the floor sitting you sit so well!

Teething goes on in the bathtub too! 

Daddy does dress you during the day, but you drool so much that sometimes he just leaves you in your diaper. I think it's so cute!

Thursday night was your first night sleeping with your lovie! Mommy has been too nervous to let you sleep with it until now. But you can roll yourself over and move around so I thought was safe enough now. And you love it so much!

Fridays are so fun! I get to come home earlier than the other days and we usually have something fun today! This Friday we went to meet some great friends of our that live in FL. They hadn't met you yet and we were so excited to have them meet you! 

You and S! She loved you so much!!

You and S! SO fun!

Saturday we were getting ready for your baby dedication. Grandpa and Uncle B came to see you and spend the night! Aunt LK stayed the whole weekend with us! You loved having family around!

 Aunt C gave you this cute hat and shirt! Of course Mommy had to wear her hat too to match you! ;)

You loved walking downtown with everyone for dinner and ice

Tucker, you are the sunshine in our lives! We love every single moment with you! You make us smile and laugh all the time!

We love you so very much and we hope you know that!