Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Locked and Loaded

Yup, that's right. Tucker's car seat is in the car. All ready for him to take his first ride.

As of tomorrow I'm totally okay with him coming! ha! :)

It's a sweet feeling driving around with my sweet boy's seat in our car.

Can't wait for the many adventures that we will have with our boy!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yacht Rock Revue

Our friends J and T turned us onto Yacht Rock Revue months ago. The Mr. and I love 70's music and they cover some of the best! Well, the band was coming to town and we didn't want to miss it! The concert happened to fall around J's birthday, so of course it was the best way to celebrate!!
It was my first time at the Georgia Theater...such a neat place!!

Love their outfits and hair!

Being that I'm 9.5 months pregnant my wonderful husband found me a stool to sit on for the evening! It was perfect! We had front row spots and I just jammed out on my stool the whole night!

Loved this shot the Mr. got!

J took many more good pictures, so when I get some from her I'll share them!

It was a fun night! Looking forward to seeing them again!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


So my youngest sis, LK, came for an unexpected/unplanned visit this weekend! We loved having her!

I needed to rest this weekend and not over do it, so she was along for the ride.

We ate yummy food, watched some movies, ran a few errands and just hung out!

She got this cute shot of Ethel Bug!

Of course her visit wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Krispy Kreme! YUM!

And we went to the value movies to see Footloose...thought it was cute! Some really lame parts, but for the most part it was a good movie!

Crazy that the next time I see her she will be an Aunt! :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

38 weeks


How Far Along: 38weeks
Size of baby: I'm going to go with big...haven't really read of a size of some sort of fruit or anything this week. He's full term so big. :)
Weight gain: I think I'll reveal that at the end. ha!
 Maternity Clothes: Mostly all maternity.
Gender: BOY! Tucker John
Movement: Yup and I think this week he has bouncing off his head...this doesn't feel great on me but I'm sure he's having a blast! :)
  Sleep: Sleep...ya right! I know it's totally normal at this point. It's my only complaint!
Symptoms: Nothing really...had a headache on and off all week but I think it's because of this nasty weather...don't worry my blood pressure is fine.
What I miss: Being able to bend all the way over gracefully.
Cravings: bacon biscuits still this week...I had a very SWEET co-worker bring me one this week and it was so yummy!
Best Moment this week: Still being pregnant and waiting on my sweet boy! :)
What I am looking forward to:  Making it to February 1st still pregnant! I would love for TJH to be born in Februrary! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tucker's own Stationary!

If you know me, you know I love to write thank you notes and love stationary! And I love monograms and things with names on it!

Well our dear friend L does too! So much that, that is what she does for a living! She works for Karen Adams...who is a very talented woman who designs stationary. L is VERY talented and has THE best handwriting ever!

We saw L a couple of weeks ago and she gave us the best gift for Tucker! His very own stationary! With his name on it of course!

So this is what she gave us....
(Go here to see more!)

Isn't it just PERFECT!!! Each card has one of the four designs on it and his name in navy! The Mr. and I were just THRILLED with this! We loved that it's a classy...not cheesy...nautical theme and perfect for our sweet boy!

Thank you L for thinking of TJH!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthdays this week!!!

WOW this week is FILLED with birthdays!
I love birthdays! It's your very own special day!

Sunday-Father-in-law's birthday!

(The Mr. and his Dad(father-in-law)!)

Wednesday-sweet friend J's birthday!

(J and her husband this past Halloween-love it!)

Thursday- sweet friend C's birthday!

(Me and C at one of my baby showers)

Friday-my daddy's birthday!

(My sis LK and Dad!)

Sunday-sweet friend K's birthday!
(Old pic, but K is the pretty blond on the right!)

Whew...that's a lot of birthdays!

I'm so thankful for all of these people in my life! And I'm so glad they all were born this week, because if not, they wouldn't be in my life! :)
Happy Birthday, I hope you all had/have a great one!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's Wednesday!

So what if....

  •  I'm looking forward to the weekend...nothing big planned but just love the weekends!
  •  I cried like a baby when our whole Sunday School class prayed over us last Sunday...it was so sweet and meant a lot to us!

  •  I'm not enjoying night time but it's all good!

  • I'm nervous to wait too long to get my mani and pedi before TJH comes! ha!

  • I'm excited that we are getting rid of DISH network next month...we have NO good channels and I've missed some good TV because of it!

  • I am SO over the rain....it's gross!

  •  I'm really looking forward to a good hard fun after pregnancy! (I know, I will wait for the okay from the doc, but it will be so great when I can run again!)

  • I love that the Mr. accidently wore his slippers that I bought him out of the house! ha! Like we were an hour away from home! It was funny...good thing they look like normal shoes! :)

    • Tuesday, January 24, 2012

      Best Friend Shower :)

      My three best friends...also known as the FOUR threw me a shower this past weekend! It was PERFECT! They made all the food from scratch and the display was just too cute! It was so great to see my sweet sorority sisters and dear friends!

      Lauren loving on TJH!

      Invitation blown up

      Punch table

      YUMMY food!

      Best friends and hosts!!

      The FOUR!

      FIVE including TJH!

      Honey and AHB

      M and M!

      R, A and MIL

      Me and my Mommie

      J and C

      L and E

      H, L, M and M

      R and MIL

      L and AHB

      Tucker's going home outfit made by my mom!

      LOVE it!

      His Valentine outfit made by my mom! Get it...HammarLOVE after the blog name! :)

      Tucker's first Mickey ears!

      Sorority sisters!

      sweet friends and family!

      L, E, L

      sweet friends who were in all my education classes with me! love them!

      MIL and SIL

      Our sweet friend R! :)

      H and C

      S, M and AE

      L and J

      My sweet little sisters from my sorority!

      Best friends!

      L and LA

      Such a wonderful afternoon! Thank you again to the FOUR for throwing such a wonderful shower!