Saturday, August 10, 2013

33 Weeks_Baby Hammar 2 and 3

How Far Along: 33 weeks
Size of babies:  size of pineapples 
Weight gain: 50 lbs (as of 8/6)
Maternity Clothes: All maternity 
Gender: girls!
Movement: Yes! Baby B moves so much...I'm not even sure she sleeps! And her movement is very noticeable from the outside. Baby A likes to move at night. 
Sleep: Sleep isn't a positive thing to talk about. I'm sleeping in our guest room because we have a memory foam mattress in there...I miss sleeping with my husband. It's super painful to move around in the bed and get out of the bed. 
Symptoms: Swelling and a very heavy tummy. 
What I miss: Sushi 
Cravings: Ice Cream 
Best Moment this week: Had a great doctors appointment earlier this week. Both girls are so active. I thought Baby A had flipped because I had super bad contractions/pain earlier in the week but when they checked at my appointment she was still in the same place. 
What I am looking forward to:  Our shower this weekend thrown by my three best friends...the FOUR. :) And our in depth ultra sound we will have this upcoming week to check on the girls. :)

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