Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sweet Sunday!

So we've been church shopping! ha! We think we might have found a good fit for us! We went Sunday and really enjoyed the sermon and loved how the kids department is done. The kiddos really enjoyed it and when we picked them up they were so excited! The Mr. and I really got a lot out of the sermon and LOVED the music. So we will keep visiting to see if it's the one for us! :) 

After church we swung through DD for a quick after-church treat! 

When we got home it was our normal Sunday...play, clean up and get ready for the week! This week I baked too! Banana bread muffins and some with chocolate chips! And chocolate chip cookies! I wanted to make chili too but don't think my stomach is ready for that yet. Tucker helped me bake the cookies! :) 

We watched a little Frozen too because the weather was so yucky!

It was a great Sunday! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

First UGA game! :)

I got to attend my first Georgia game this weekend! It would have been Tucker's 1st too if the weather had been better. We had a chance for the Mr. and Tucker to go too but with the weather the way it was we didn't want him to be cold and wet the whole time. Hopefully we can take him soon!

I went with my dear friend L and her daughter O! We had a great time watching her daughter C cheer! We visited their tailgate earlier in the season. So I met them at the tailgate and then we went to the Dawg walk and then the game! It only rained bad during the pregame show and kick off. But after that it was just misty and windy. Wasn't too bad though. 

Such fun day! And the Dawgs won!! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Scandal on Saturday!

Since we don't live one door down from our friends anymore we had a little Scandal party on Saturday! 

We all four waited to watch it together! :) We cooked a yummy dinner and played with the kiddos and then after the babies went to bed we cuddled up with all the pups to watch it! And it was SO good!
Love these two so much! And miss living so close to them but am so thankful our friendship is continuing! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


 So What Wednesdays! 
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Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:

So What If ...
  • I bought two different fall/pumpkin treats to bake at the store...I can just smell Fall in their air!
  • I'm counting down the hours until Scandal starts this week! OMG!
  • I usually keep a very clean house but the last couple of weeks I've been struggling but I think I'm back on it! Clean house all week! WHOOP! I love having a clean house...it makes me feel so ugh when it's messy!
  • Ethel's hair cut has grown in a little and it's SO darn cute!
  • We have something fun and exciting every weekend in October and I cannot wait! O, and I have a whole week off of school!! Say WHAT?! Hello Fall Break for a week instead of one day like my old county! ha!
  • When Emma Kate says I love you I melt every. single. time. 
  • I'm still in shock that my two babies are TWO! Time needs to slllloooowww down! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What we've been doing...

We've had a busy September...and I can't believe we are almost to the end of this month! Whew...bring on Fall though! I love this time of year! :) 

Why not help a sister out? They do the sweetest things ever! 

This baby boy has had some rough moments recently but we are working through them. He didn't really have the "terrible twos" but 3 and 1/2 is making me even more patient! He has the BIGGEST heart but he can have some HARD moments. 

This cutie kept me company when I was home sick on Friday with Vertigo. She laid next me while I slept and then followed me around when I was able to get up! 

Friday night before the girls party A and A came to help! Thank goodness because I wouldn't have gotten it all done without her! The kiddos loved having dinner, outside play time and bath time all together! 4 best cousins ever! 

Pa and his grandpups!

This was a huge hit at the party...the bucket full of ice and bottle water! :) After all the guests left our three were in it completely! 

Cupcake time at the party!:) 

The ONLY two boys of the FOUR babies! TJH keeps asking to see C again...I think he knows they are the only boys and they have to stick together! 

So EK and O are twins...but these boys could pass as TWINS! :) 

Sunday I started to feel more like myself after 5 days of complete dizziness and nausea from the Vertigo. I was able to drive for the first time since Thursday and actually do fun things with the kiddos! 

We baked cupcakes for my students since I've been out so much and they've been SO good while I was out! 

They were super yummy! 

The girls wore their birthday shirts to school on Monday because who doesn't love carrying on the birthday fun! :)  L did such a great job! She put things together to create exactly what I wanted for their party! 

Tucker also wore his 3 year old birthday shirt too but he was having a melt down because I helped him put on his shoes on the correct feet. :( 

The Mr. LOVES Legos and TJH is becoming a big fan too! The Mr. is SO good at teaching him how to do them. He ordered TJH a fall one and they put it together! 

On our way home from school everyday Olivia always spots these three horses! So I stopped to take a picture for her...there is a black, brown and white one! It's so cute! And Olivia neighs every time we pass them! :) 

It's been a good week so far and it's only Tuesday! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

EK&O's Pancake and Pajama Party!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Emma Kate and Olivia's 2nd birthday this past weekend!

The theme was Pancakes and Pajamas! SO fun!

We had the party at 10am and served breakfast for our guests. 

This party was probably the the one party that I did the least amount of decorating...for a couple of reasons. I've been dealing with some major heath issues recently and this week was hospitalized for Vertigo...no fun! And also, this was a smaller party for us...just very close friends and family. 

The spread...pancakes, toppings, sausage, bacon and fruit! 

We did the pink and purple colors but this time I threw in gold. :) 

Cookies has favors...if you look closely the 2's have gold dust on them. :) 

Guests were told to wear pjs...it was super fun to see the kiddos in all of their pjs. And some adults also came in their pjs too. 

T and A...they love each other so much!

Aunt Cee!

B and M!

G and Pa with 2 of their 4 silly grandkids! 

Livi showing Mommy love! :) 

We all wore our pjs expect Daddy. :) 

Honey, Aunt B and Aunt Cee

M and J

My three best friends and all of our babies! 

The H family...just missing Uncle B. 

G thought they were saying..."You're TWO too!?!?!"

Their cake was a stack of Funfetti pancakes with icing. :) And my best friend L made their adorable shirts! 

Grandma R and Grandpa 

Being silly with the balloons! 

Love this girl and her sweet growing family!

We had such a wonderful time! The girls loved having all of their favorite people at their house to celebrate! Still can't believe they are 2!!! 

Happy Birthday to our sweet EK&O!