Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 47

Dear Tucker,

What a wonderful week!

You're very first Christmas! And how wonderful it was! :)

We started the week out taking it easy because you were getting over your cold. 

Sunday Aunt B had breakfast with us because she came in town on Saturday. And then Mommy went and spent time with Aunt H because her Mom passed away. You played with Daddy for the afternoon. 

You and Daddy went to the store for some things and came home with a Mr. Snowman and you LOVE him!! It's an outside decoration but we just love the way you smile and giggle at him so he will live inside our house! :)

Monday was your first Christmas Eve! 

Mrs. K invited us over to make cookies for Santa with L and O! We had so much fun with them and their other baby friends! Mommy had to put your passy in so you wouldn't eat the cookies...they were for Santa not TJH! :)

Later on Monday we headed to Aunt J and Uncle L for Christmas Eve dinner! We had fun on the way there! 

You had fun joining in on the Christmas Eve fun! You stayed up late, but that's okay.

Tuesday was your very FIRST Christmas! Sweet boy, you make Christmas so much more fun! You loved everything that Santa, Mommy and Daddy gave you! :)

You loved playing in your new tunnel! :)

You also loved having Aunt K and Aunt LK with you on Christmas morning! 

You make our family so complete! :) 

Christmas loot! 

Aunt LK fed you your bottle while Mommy and Daddy got breakfast ready. 

Then after Christmas morning at our house we traveled to Honey's house for more Christmas fun!

Aunt LK rode in the back with you and kept you happy! :)

You and cousin love watching him do big boy things! 

Merry Christmas sweet boy!

Wednesday you had Christmas with Grandpa and GMama, Aunt A & Uncle B, cousin A and Uncle B!

You had so much fun opening more presents and you LOVED getting your BIG BOY carseat, but your favorite part was that Elmo was sitting in it! :)

After Christmas with Daddy's side of the family we went out for some shopping. You were sleepy and slept in your stroller. :)

Thursday was spent playing at GMama's house and Mommy and Daddy went to a viewing. 

Friday was spent playing some more. And you pooped in the tub for the first time! ha! :)

Saturday morning you played with your cousin A! It's fun to see y'all interact with each other. 

Saturday afternoon we were supposed to go play with your friend R. But you hadn't gone potty in over a week and you weren't feeling well. We stayed home and tried to do everything we could instead of going back to Scottish Rite. 

Warm baths, meds, long naps, Elmo, juice and two enemas. 

And you played with GMama and cousin A. 

And loving on Grandpa in his chair. 

We did get out for dinner and some yogurt. You LOVED TCBY. 

And you ended the night with another bath...still not feeling 100%. Praying that you'll be able to use the bathroom soon. 

What a wonderful 1st Christmas! WOW, you make the holidays so much better. We are so thankful to share such special times with you sweet boy. 

We love you so very much TJH! 


Thursday, December 27, 2012


One of my best friends is really hurting right now.

She lost her mom last Saturday. 

I am so heartbroken for her. 

H is the rock in her family. She is so positive and is always helping her family out emotionally. H is probably the STRONGEST person I've ever met in my life. She handles stress and tragedy with the most grace. She remains calm at all times and always has the right words to say. 

I'm praying that she is able to rely on someone else in this horrible time. I know she is being surrounded by so many friends and her family. I didn't want to let go of her on Sunday when I was hugging her. 

Today is the viewing for her mom and tomorrow is her funeral. I pray that her family is able to say goodbye to their sweet mom/wife/daughter/sister and friend. 

Lord, please be with H and her family. Hold them tight right now and guide them in the way that you want them to be led. Please be with H as she is carrying her sweet unborn baby and protect them as she mourns her mothers death. Thank you for sending your son to die  for all of our sin. Amen.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Four Christmases...or something close!

We are so blessed to have such a big family, but boy does it make the holidays busy! :)

We started our the Christmas fun on Christmas Eve morning!

Tucker and I went over to our great friends house to make cookies for was so much fun! K, we need to make this a new tradition! We will host next year for sure! K set up cookie stuff for the boys to decorate. She also gave each guest a cute Christmas cup and Tucker LOVED his! It was a wonderful way to start out the day!

 Tucker's cookies for Santa!

We came home and T took a nap and then we were off to Christmas Eve dinner at my aunts house. This included all my sisters, mom, L,T and A. My sister LK and the Mr. had an idea to have a Tacky Christmas sweater Christmas Eve! So, that is what we had and it was fun!

We got home late, but Santa still had time to come for Tucker. 

Tucker woke up about 7 on Christmas morning! It was so much fun to experience Christmas with TJH for the first time! He LOVED LOVED opening presents. The paper was the best part of his presents. :)

Cookies and milk for Santa 

After a big breakfast and a big nap we were on our way to the next stop for Christmas! 

We headed back home to have Christmas at my mom's house. 

Then we headed to the Mr.'s parents house to sleep and wake up for more Christmas! :)

Wednesday morning was Christmas at the Mr.'s house. 

WOW, what a MERRY Christmas! We are so blessed and so glad that we could see almost all of our family in the past three days. 

I'm so glad that our sweet boy was healthy this holiday. We are so thankful for his good health and happiness! Holidays with TJH are just so much better! I told the Mr. that I don't even care about presents for me's all about my little boy and watching the joy in his eyes. 

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!