Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday A and A!

Two special people in our lives birthdays are today!

Our sweet niece turns ONE today! We celebrated with family yesterday and had a wonderful time!

Happy 1st Birthday A!
Come back tomorrow for A's birthday fun!

The other special person is A! He is nephew...not by blood but he's ours! :) He turned 5!!!! So crazy that he's already 5! We weren't able to celebrate with everyone this year but we know he had a wonderful day and will see him next week!

Happy 5th Birthday A!

What two special people to celebrate today! :) 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

27 Weeks_Baby Hammar 2 and 3

How Far Along: 27 weeks
Size of babies:  heads of cauliflower 
Weight gain: 37 lbs (as of 6/28) Just keepin' it real around here. No, I'm not happy about this, but if it means healthy girls then I am 100% okay with it! And if that weight gain keeps them out of the NICU then I am 200% okay with it!
Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all maternity.
Gender: two sweet girls!
Movement: Yes! They have had hiccups this week a couple of times and it's really cool! :)
Sleep: Sleep is not the best...I wake up super sore. 
Symptoms: Nothing really this week...which I'm thankful for!
What I miss: Sushi
Cravings: Ice Cream...and super cold water! :)
Best Moment this week: Great doc appt on Friday! We got cute head shots of the girls! But I'm upset that both girls are breech...I'm praying that at least twin A flips. Funny moment at the doc...the doc comes in and measures my tummy...he loudly states, "You're measuring 35 weeks...perfect!" I think to myself...umm I'm only 27 weeks! ha! I do know there is more than one in there but I just thought it was funny that I'm basically as big as a full term singleton. 
What I am looking forward to: A wonderful 4th of July with my sweet family!

Friday, June 28, 2013

First Hair Cut

The Mr. has been wanting to cut TJH's hair for awhile. I just got so sad even thinking of cutting one of his little curls off. I know, that's probably my emotions taking over. But I don't want my sweet boy to grow up. He's getting so big and it makes me so sad. Well, the Mr. just kind of did it, and I didn't watch because I would have cried. He just cut a little off the sides and back. And I do have to say, it looks great! But I'm still sad. :)

(excuse the water on his shirt...he's such a boy!)

Looks SOOO big now!

And I'm so glad he still has his sweet curls in the back! 

So, June 16 almost 17 months old Tucker had his first hair cut! And it was by his Daddy! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday H!

H is part of the FOUR! And has beautiful B! Yall know her here on the blog...well today is her BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy Birthday H!
I'm so lucky to have this girl in my life! She is the one that keeps me down on Earth...especially when I'm upset about something. She has always been a good sounding board and is SO trustworthy! She is the BEST mama EVER to sweet B! I've loved watching her become a mommy! She has so much drive in her professional and academic life...she is about to finish her Specialist! She amazes me all the time! And one of my FAVORITE things about H is how funny she is! There has NEVER been a time that I'm around her and don't laugh! She keeps my abs looking good with all the laughing she makes me do! :) 

I love you H and I hope your birthday is wonderful! I can't wait to celebrate tonight! 

To Catch a Predator...Wild Wild Web...

Do those shows ring a bell?

The Mr. and I LOVE Dateline NBC...and along with Dateline comes To Catch a Predator and Wild Wild Web...and who is the host?...CHRIS HANSEN!  I've always thought he was super cool and smart and would love to do his job! I mean he gets to be apart of catching bad people in a very cool way! 

So, Sunday morning we flew into Atlanta and were minding our own business making our way to our car. We got on the train to get to baggage claim and I sat down and as soon as I did the Mr. looked at me and said, "That's Chris Hansen!" I freaked out and got my phone out as fast as I could! I was trying to be all desecrate and take a picture of him...but Dan (he's also on the shows with Chris) saw me taking his picture. 
So then I thought okay, I might as well get up and actually ask for a picture! I wasn't nervous at all...which I've always thought if I met someone famous I would be...and come to think of it when I met Nelly in 2003 on an airplane I wasn't nervous either. :) I went right up to Chis Hansen and asked him for a picture! He was SOO nice! Dan took our picture and then Chris proceeded to talk to us the entire train ride! The Mr. and I told him how we watch his shows and LOVE them! He explained that they don't do To Catch A Predator anymore but they do check in-s for MSNBC because they run the show now. But his newer show that we've been watching for awhile is Wild Wild Web and he said that was the reason why they were in Atlanta! They were doing a sting operation in Kennesaw, GA! And it will air on July 19th!!!! 

The Mr. and I were freaking out on the inside! We continued to talk all the way to baggage claim. He even gave me his business card! 
It's so nice to know that these "famous" people are so nice and can be so normal just like us! And It was so great that he wasn't rude about me wanting a picture and talking with us! 

I can't wait to see his work in GA on July 19th! Tune in so you can see it too! :) 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So What Wednesday
 So What Wednesdays! 
Go over to Life After I 'Dew' for more fun links!
Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:
So What If...
  • If I have declared stay at home in our pjs days the day after we get home from a trip. We are all exhausted and need to catch up on our rest! :)
  • We went to four weddings this month in 3 different states...they were all super important people in our lives and we didn't want to miss their special days! :)
  • I'm finally using the gift card today that the Mr. gave me a long time ago for a massage! WHOOP!
  • I can't wait to see my BFFs tomorrow for H's birthday! 
  • I'm still so star struck that I met one of my FAVORITE news reporters this weekend! Story on the blog tomorrow! And a PICTURE! AH!
  • I wonder what the girls were thinking while we were at the reception Saturday night with the awesome Assyrian music! They literally were awake the entire night!
  • I'm saying Happy Anniversary to our dear friends J and T...3 years ago we watched yall get married and now you have a sweet boy to add to your amazing marriage!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

T's Weekend!

Tucker spent the weekend with his GMama, Grandpa and Great Aunt B while we were in Chicago! He had a blast! I cried like a baby leaving him, but not because I was worried about him...because I can't stand to be away from him...remember I miss him while he sleeps! :)

Well GMama was great about sending us pictures and videos of all the adventures they went on!

GMama picked T up on Friday late morning and headed to PTC. 
Lots of playing in the grandkids room!

Hanging out with Katie!

Lots of walks with the doggies and Aunt B and GMama!

This was part of our Face Time convo before we caught out flight Saturday morning! Love that we both have the same face!

Frozen yogurt! YUM!

So while Aunt B, GMama and T were garage sale-ing on Saturday morning they came across a great deal on a golf cart! They had gotten rid of their old golf cart awhile ago and were thinking about getting a new one. Well GMama found a GREAT deal and it's a extra big one for the all the grand kids! T LOVED riding around PTC all weekend!

He loved giving Katie his leftovers!

And of course the nice rides put him to sleep!

We met everyone for lunch on Sunday when we got off the plane! And then headed straight home...everyone was exhausted from their fun weekends!

When we got home we played with the pups who we missed a lot! 

Tuck was so excited that Daddy set up his tent again!

He loves sitting in it and reading!

Then he decided to play with Ethel!

Little game of Tug of War!

Then it was early dinner, bath and bedtime!

The Mr. found fun tablets that make the bath water he picked blue!

Then it was time to pick out books to read!

"Which book will I choose?"

T had a great weekend too! So much fun! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Cousin's Wedding!

Saturday morning we flew up to Chicago to attend my cousins wedding! It was such a fun quick trip! And we were so glad to be apart of their very special day! 

The ceremony was at 1pm and it was beautiful! The groom and his family are Assyrian so the ceremony was held in their church and was very traditional. 
My cousin and her Dad

Her Dad giving her away...I LOVED her dress!

S's mom fixing her vail!

Frist kiss as husband and wife!

The beautiful couple and my Aunt J and Uncle L

Cousin pic! My Cousin D, the A's and the Mr. and myself

The beautiful bride after the ceremony. Then they were off for more pictures. The reception wasn't until 6pm so we went back to my Aunts house...S's mom's house for some snacks and rest. It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with family! 

Then we headed out for the reception. My Aunt had told me that 600 people would be there and I was blown away...and when we walked into the reception hall I was floored! It was BEAUTIFUL!

1 of the 50 tables! 

The cake!

Head table 

Up close of my spot

Panorama of the whole was so pretty!

Panorama of the dessert table...and what is glowing was ice sculptures with their names!

up close of some of the desserts

Fun mirror pic

The grooms mother made a lot of very special things for the actual ceremony and she made all the women these fancy scarfs to dance with at the reception! 

My handsome date!

My Aunt J

My sweet cousin S!

Ice sculptures

My Aunt S...the brides mom!

Coming into their reception

The cane is part of the Assyrian wedding tradition.

Cutting the cake!

It was a wedding that I will never forget! It was beautiful, fun and so full of culture! We loved learning and being apart of the traditions. And the food was amazing! 

The groom F and his family really know how to party and celebrate! It was so neat to see their traditional dances. I took this video so yall could see how cool this was! Everyone gets up and does the same dance! And let's just talk about how beautiful all these people are! My cousin and her husband will have BEAUTIFUL babies! :) 

Congrats to the A's! Love you guys so much!