Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cousin Fun

Last Monday, the Mr.'s sister A and her daughter A came for a visit. They were leaving PTC and heading home, so they stopped by for a day visit with us!

TJH and his cousin A are 5 months apart and LOVE to play together!!

They wanted to eat each others snacks and of course drink each others drinks! ha! :) 

Holding hands! So sweet! :)

They played all day and then headed to the bath!

We even put the colors in the bathtub! 

Coloring in the bathtub is so much fun too!

The gates were fun for the two of them too!

All clean an in their skeleton pjs! 

At this point they were getting crazy! ha! :)

Nothing better than cousins! :) We wished we lived closer together so they could play all the time!

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  1. You guys are SO blessed!!! What a gift to be friends and cousins!