Sunday, November 24, 2013


The Mr. planned such a fun "Day Date" for the two of us! I've wanted to see the Rockettes since I was a little girl! And he got us tickets to see them in Atlanta! I was SO excited!!! And then he planned a whole day for us! 

My sweet MIL watched all three kiddos for us so we could spend the day together. She recruited some help from her neighbors and friends. :) And when we got home she was still in one piece and her hair was still curled! :) (THANK YOU G!!!!)

(Of course some car selfies!)

We left in the afternoon and headed to one of my favorite places to eat...Cheesecake Factory! YUM! We were able to talk and eat our food at a normal nice!! 

(Excuse his face...trying to take a pic of his pretty drink!)

Then we headed to see the Rockettes! The show was amazing!!! I seriously was like a little kid! I kept nudging the Mr. every time they would do the high kicks! But what's so great about the show is that they really tell the TRUE meaning/story of Christmas! Of course there is Santa, reindeer and snow but they have a whole naivety and tell the story of Jesus birth! 

Then afterwards we were able to stroll around Babis R Us for a little bit before heading to our dear friends housewarming party! We had a great time at N and V's party. :) 

What a wonderful (much needed) day with my better half! 

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