Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mr.'s Creations

The Mr. is very creative and does a lot of fun stuff for us!

Here are just a few of his recent creations:

One of his famous apple pies! I can't wait for another one on Thanksgiving!

Then he tried drying some fruit and veggies out for TJH. They didn't turn out too good..but his apple chips were amazing!! :)

This is one of the many arrangements he's done for me...these mums came from out yard! Green thumb for sure!

My favorite thing he's created so far recently was the Chocolate Chip Pound Cake! It was so good I asked for it for my birthday cake...and if you know me I don't like cake...but this cake was AMAZING!!!! I ate if for breakfast a couple of days with my coffee..YUM!!

We are so blessed to have such a well-rounded husband/daddy around here! He's always creating things for all four of us that are just wonderful! 

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