Monday, November 4, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 7

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

Our week started off with a visit from your Aunt A and cousin A!
You guys loved being held by Aunt A! And you loved that she came with us to Bundles of Joy!
Emma Kate you didn't gain any weight in the past are still 8lbs 11oz. This of course worried Mommy so much. The nurse thinks it's because you are screaming so much that you are burning all that your intaking. We also started you on a probiotic to see if that will help with your bowels and weight gain. 
Olivia you weighed in at 10lbs 10oz...big healthy girl! :)
 You girls enjoyed the Halloween party at Bundles of Joy!
Livi Cay getting her morning snuggles :)

Olivia dressed up to go to the Bundles of Joy Halloween party!

Olivia started smiling on Monday for the first time! :) Sweet girl! Mommy didn't get a picture of the FULL smile...but these were pretty close!

EK all ready for the party too! 

Just missing the tutus of your costumes! EK you were Thing 1 because you were born first and Olivia, you were Thing 2 because you are the baby of the family! :)

With your tutus! :) 

Tuesday started out great, EK you went and got adjusted at the chiropractor. Then you got to go with Mommy to run some errands. :) You slept all the way through the grocery store in the Baby Bjorn. Before we went in you ate in the car...that's what we call fast food! :)

Grocery shopping with Mommy!

Olivia you are too sweet holding your brother leg!

You girls love hanging out with your big brother...and you enjoyed watching Sesame Street with Tuck! 

Olivia you are just a little smiley girl! 

Tuesday evening while Daddy was in class we had some play time while TJH was getting a bath from M! Olivia you grabbed onto EK and wouldn't let was so sweet! 

Wednesday was a fun day at the park! :) You girls love riding around outside.

When we got home from the park everyone was hungry so TJH helped us feed you girls! :)

You girls aren't sleeping together yet, but we do get y'all together as much as we can. :) Y'all are so sweet together. I pray that you girls grow up and are so close. 

EK you make such silly faces when you are waking up! :) 

You girls had your first experience with family pictures...this will be the first of millions more. You girls did just sat in Daddy's arms. But of course Mommy had to take some pictures before we left. Olivia, you were smiling so big your eyes disappeared. :)

GMama made a very quick visit this week. EK you LOVED snuggling. And she also clipped you girls finger nails...Mommy won't do it because I'm way too scared I'll hurt y'all. 

Y'all celebrated your first holiday! Halloween! You girls were Thing 1 and Thing 2 and your big brother was the Cat In The Hat! You girls even went trick-or-treating with your brother. :) Honey said you were crying in the picture because you found out you couldn't eat any of the candy! ha! :)

EK, future cheerleader? :)

 Saturday morning Mommy did a little photo shoot in your pjs!
Mommy LOVES dressing you girls! Matching is so much fun! Even pjs! 

Mommy thinks Olivia was telling secrets to EK :)

Sweet sweet girls!

When you girls are all swaddled up you remind me of little glow worms! :) 

Morning cuddles :)

Sweet girls!

Sunday you girls got to meet one of Mommy's friends daughters! And she just so happens to have the same name as Olivia! :) Her name is Olivia cute! Because we have Olivia Cay! :)

OKB and OCH! :)

EK didn't want to partake in the photo shoot! :)

Another great weeks down in the books! EK you were more happy than you have been...still a lot of crying but we think the probiotics are starting to help. Olivia you are just so sweet but you have had a few crying spells this week where you were so upset you wouldn't nurse. We are enjoying  a lot more playtime with you girls! :)

We love you girls so much!

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  1. I'm in LOVE with all your pictures.... I think I am, boarder line, stalking y'all! Such an adorable family!!! EK looks so little next to her sissy!! She must take after mommy. :o)