Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adventures of TJH

I have LOVED every stage with TJH...but I think this is one of my favorites so far...I probably say that at each stage but he's just SO darn fun right now! 

TJH can do and say so much! He can follow 2-3 step directions, he understands almost everything we tell him, he loves deeply and laughs alll the time!

Some of his favorites right now are checking on his sisters, making animal sounds and playing ball/chase/hide-n-go-seek!

He LOVES his sisters, Daddy, GMama and our sweet neighbor M! 

Of course any parent worries a little bit when adding more children to the family, but TJH has made the transition amazing...he LOVES his sisters so very much! 

He looks so OLD...I can't even handle it! He HAS to slow down!

Trying on BIG BOY undies!

Doesn't waste one drop of milk!

It's been SOOO much fun to do the simple things in life with him...sidewalk chalk, play doh, and painting! 

SUCH a big helper...he loved decorating our upstairs tree! 

My heartbreaker...watch out girls!!

ALWAYS wanting to do what Daddy does...this may include raking, using the drill, emptying the trash, checking the mail and exploring the outdoors!


He HAS to see this sweet lady everyday or he starts to have withdrawals! It's so fun to see your child love another adult outside of the family...their relationship is so special! If TJH ever gets upset and needs a break from his parents (ha!) we can always count on M to cheer him up! 

LOVE spending QT with this boy! 

Following in his Granpa's footsteps...gotta have a koozie at all times!

Of course he's our son, but we think he's the BEST thing ever!! We are so blessed to have such a sweet, happy, smart boy! I pray daily that he is always this way! :)

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  1. I want to kiss that sweet face one million times!!