Monday, November 11, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 8

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

Mommy cannot believe you girls are 2 months old!!!

We started our week at Bundles of Joy!

Emma Kate you weighed in at: albs 15 oz...only a 4oz gain.
Olivia you weighed in at: 11lbs!

You girls are getting big...Olivia you are getting a little too big for some of your newborn clothes. You can fit into 0-3months now. 

EK you still fit nicely in newborn clothes. I know you'll catch up soon! :)

Our mornings are so fun in our house...please excuse what Mommy looks was 7am! :) But we love all being together! 

Such sweet snugglers!

Our little Chunky Monkey! :)

So this week we started only give you bottles EK...this is so we can know exactly how much you're getting each feeding. Your weight gain has slowed down a lot and we want to make sure we are doing what we can to have you keep growing. Mommy pumps after she nurses Olivia each time to prepare bottles for you sweet girl. 

Olivia you are our little couch potato! :) Daddy was playing with you on the couch and you fell asleep and stayed asleep for almost an hour right here. 
On Wednesday EK you woke up so happy! :)

You girls have gotten so good at following us around the room. You really love watching Daddy and TJH. :) If Daddy walks away from one of you, you follow him as long as you can. SO sweet!
Livi Cay you are a BIG cuddler! Mommy LOVES it!

Thursday we headed to the ENT to see if EK was tongue-tied. Doc said you looked fine and we didn't have that to worry about...just colic. :(

Friday we played at home. Of course TJH wanted to play with you girls too! :)

EK you went to the chiropractor three times this week and it's been helping you a lot. :)

 You are going to the bathroom more regularly too.

O, you started to cry and Mommy figured it out really quick that you wanted to nap on of course we did...and Mommy even got a 15 min nap in. :) 

 Saturday we just hung around the house and you girls turned 2 months old!!
 EK you are taking your bottles pretty well...Mommy is sad that I"m not nursing you anymore, but I'm glad you're still getting breast milk.

Can't believe how big you girls have gotten!

EK, you ROLLED OVER on your two month birthday! Daddy put you on your tummy and you rolled over to your back! BIG GIRL! You have had a strong neck and head since birth...guess it's super strong because O sat on you for 20+ weeks! :)

Saturday night called for cute pjs and big bows! :)

Sunday we headed to the park because it was warmer than it had been in a few days!
But you girls also got some cuddles in and of course baths! :)

Girls, you are the sunshine in our lives! You make all three of us smile all the time! TJH just loves you girls to pieces! We love watching you girls grow each day! We love your BIG smiles and your little coos!
We love you so very much!

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