Monday, November 25, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 10

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

What a busy week! Mommy went back to work and missed you girls SO very much! But you girls has a wonderful week with Daddy, TJH, and GMama! 

Daddy got all your bottles ready for the first two days....yup, those are just for Monday and Tuesday. :) 

Livi Cay, you loved snuggles with GMama!

TJH gave you girls lots of kisses in between playing :)

EK, Mommy got to give you your bottle a couple of mornings before leaving for work. You give big smiles even at 4:30am!

GMama had her hands full! :) 

O and EK, Daddy tried to get lots of pictures to send to Mommy at work but you girls are moving so much that most of the pictures are blurry. :) I did get a few videos of you girls moving your arms and kicking those feet!

Mommy enjoyed the afternoon and evenings with you girls! Daddy had class for the last time this week...of course M came to help us and you girls love being loved on by her too! 

Friday was a BIG day for you little girls! You made your first road trip! First time going to PTC! First time in the car longer than 20 girls did great! Only a few tears. And your first time going to GMama's house!

Saturday GMama kept you  two girls and your big brother so Mommy and Daddy could have a day date! You girls did great and only gave GMama a few tears at bedtime. 

EK you LOVE LOVE your are a Daddy's girl FOR SURE!

GMama recruited some help while she kept your girls and your brother! 

EK you loved the neighbor A! 

Sunday we headed over to Honey's house to celebrate Aunt B's birthday! We love that both of your grandmothers live in the same town! :)
You girls got to meet a very special childhood friend...L and her family!

Another wonderful week! You girls had a great week adjusting to Mommy being back at work and traveling for the first time! 

What big girls!

We love you so very much!

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  1. They look like they are thriving!! Sweet girls!