Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tucker John is 21 months old!


Weight: lbs 
Height: 33 1/2 inches--this is from his 18 month well visit
Clothes:18-24 months
Size of Diaper: Size 4

Daily Routine: Wakes up around 6:30-8:00am. Breakfast and play time. Nap time. Lunch and more playing. Nap time. Walk or outside time. Play time. Dinner time. Bath time. Books and Bed between 6:30-7:30pm.

Milestones:  A few words has turned into many words! Not all of it is very clear but this boy LOVES to talk! Some of his favorite words are Eth (Ethel), O (for Olivia), juice, all done, Mama, Daddy, open, off, no, honk (anytime he hears a truck), dog, Uc(Lucy). He knows almost all animal sounds and LOVES to bark like a dog and moo like a cow! Still teething a good bit...getting a pretty full mouth. This boy LOVES fruit! Can't get him to eat veggies...we are trying to sneak them in. A new favorite food is hot dogs. :) Being outside is his favorite activity...he would probably sleep outside if we let him. (Can't wait for camping trips when he's older!) He loves to run around in the grass, play with the dogs, explore our neighbors yards, ring doorbells, go on walks, and ride his little bike. He has adjusted to being a big brother so well! He loves to hold the girls, give them their passys and play with them while they have their tummy time. Reading has and is still one of his very favorite pastimes...this boy will read for hours alone or with us. I let him pick 3 books before bed every night and it's so cute to see what he picks every night.  And he now can say "Amen" when we are done praying every night. He gives THE BEST hugs ever and loves to snuggle up! He enjoys watching Curious George, The Cat In The Hat or Sesame Street...just one show a day. :) This boy brings our family so much JOY! Almost always a happy boy! I enjoy watching him grow and learn everyday!

**I CANNOT believe that my baby boy will be 2 in just three month! SLOW down time!


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