Monday, November 18, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 9

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

Our week started out wonderful! We headed to Bundles of Joy for the last time. It was sad that it was our last week but we got such good news when we got there! 
Emma Kate you gained 10 oz!!! You now weigh 9 lbs 8oz!!! You go girl!! :) Doing bottles of breast milk really was the trick! Mommy is sad not to nurse you anymore, but I am so very glad your gaining weight and you're still getting the good milk! :) 
Olivia you weighed in at 11 lbs 9oz! Growing growing growing! Your rolls are just awesome and those big cheeks give Mommy and Daddy a lot of room to kiss!:)

Monday afternoon "Aunt Cee" came to visit! She stayed with us for two nights. She helped Mommy a lot when Daddy went to class. You girls enjoy when she is here!

Tuesday we hung out at home and headed to hang out with some friends at the park but it was way too cold so we ended up going to the Burger King girls just chilled in the stiller while your big brother played!

Wednesday was a pretty cold day, we just played at home! 

Thursday we played at home again...seeing a trend this week...Mommy was just trying to soak up a ton of time with you girls! And of course your big brother! 

We LOVE you girls sweet smiles! 

Emma Kate, your big brother said "Emma" SO very clear! We even got it on video! 
O, your big brother has said "O" for a while! :) 

You girls don't look happy but you LOVE LOVE LOVE bath time! You just always relax and coo while you are in the bath! You girls have even gotten better about getting don't like to get out but we've had less crying. :) 

Friday, EK you went to the chiropractor and then headed to Target with Mommy. Olivia, you got to hang out with Daddy and TJH while we were aren't a huge fan of the bottle so we've made you take a few this week so next week isn't so rough for you. 

O, you tried out the Bumbo seat for the first loved it! And you did really good keeping your head up. Of course Mommy didn't leave your side at all! 

Daddy got out for a few hours on Friday and Mommy had all three of you by myself. You girls were so good! And so was your brother! :)

The three of us girls played while your big brother took a nap!

Saturday morning we got ready for some special visitors. Great Grandma H and cousin P visited you girls for the first time! Cousin P came all the way from California! 

You girls LOVED meeting your Great Grandma and cousin P!

Livi Cay, your smiles are harder to capture so when I get them I get so excited! :)

EK you were showing off your dress that you still can fit in! :) O, you had the matching dress on but you spit up on it before Mommy could get these pictures! :) So we put on a similar one! :)

You girls were both cooing together and it was so sweet! I know you girls understand each other. :)

EK, you were watching the UGA/AU game in between pictures and playing!

LOVE LOVE when you girls try to hold hands or put your hands in each other faces! :)

Sweet sweet girls!

Sunday was Mommy's last day before going back to work. :( 

This last week at home with you girls has been wonderful! You two have grown so much! You are smiling and cooing so much now and it's so much fun to play with you!

EK and O, we love you girls so much! 

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  1. Love their bows and adorable wardrobe! We have the same play mat!!