Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quack Quack Quack

Tucker is very into making animal sounds. :) I think it comes with the age! Well, we went to another local park to play, walk and feed the ducks! Tuck kept saying"Quack, Quack, Quack!" We even had one duck follow us around the pond while we walked! 

Notice the duck behind Tucker....he got really close to Tucker...Tuck didn't get scared at all! :)

This picture makes me so sad...my little boy is SO big!

These are MY boys...gosh they steal my heart all. the. time.

Miss O chillin' at the pond!

EK wanted me to keep movin' :)

My girls! (The Mr. asked if I moved my cup to face the right way...no I didn't, but it's cool that it ended up that way! Maybe my two little Alpha Xi Delta legacies!) 

Spying turtles! 

Notice that one duck...he followed us all the way around the lake! 

I could eat him up!

Showin' Mommy the turtles! 

Such a ham! The joy in his eyes and heart make me so happy...I hope he's always this happy!

We are enjoying the small/simple things in life right now...my kids  and husband make me the happiest ever...and of course a fun day at the park! 

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  1. You all look so cute in your baseball hats! The girls need tiny ones!