Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nursery Reveal :)

We are so very blessed! We have completed the girls nursery! :) 

My mom made their bedding! My MIL and FIL gave us their beds and changing table! They are all set!  We put the girls in our "nook" in our master bedroom. We will be moving them into their own room once all of our family has helped us in the Spring. So next summer the girls will move into our guest room, but for now they are in the nook. We were very surprised how much we could fit into the nook! :) I love how it turned out! 

EK"s side

full view

O's view 

up close of Emma Kate's bedding

up close of Olivia's bedding...we still need her mattress

The Mr found this chair and then my mom recovered the cushions for us. I love how wide it is, which I'll need for nursing and rocking two sweet girls! 

This little dresser was given to us by my mom, it was red when she gave it to us. The Mr. re did it and now it's PERFECT for the nursery! And we will be adding the book "Emma Kate" for our sweet EK! 

O's side 

EK's side

I love how it all turned out! 

Their go home dresses and bibs all ready!

changing area 

So thankful for all the talent and time that went into the nursery by our family! 
Can't wait to bring my sweet girls home to their nursery! :)

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  1. So pretty!!! I love love love pink and blue together!!