Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday R!

Happy Birthday Grandma R!

Yesterday we went to see Grandma R and the rest of the family to celebrate Grandma R's birthday!
What a fun afternoon!

Tucker had so much fun making homemade lemonade with Grandma R! He was great at stirring! 

My sis B and I made the cake...she baked the cake and I made the icing...and the icing didn't do right because of the weather...but everyone said it tasted great! :)

Happy Birthday!

Grandma R and Grandpa(My Dad!)

Tucker getting some love! Excuse the chocolate on his face! :)

The Mr. gave T a piece of chocolate covered bacon! He loved it of course! ha! :)

All the ladies!

 My sweet sweet sisters!

Love this man! :)

This was on our way home...T had a blast and fell asleep playing with all of the things in his diaper bag! 

Great day with family and celebrating Grandma R's birthday!

Happy Birthday! 

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  1. Love the pictures of you and your sisters!!! So sweet! Lucky girls to have each other!