Monday, July 8, 2013

More #funtimesinptc

We have been enjoying our time in PTC! 
No big plans each day, just hanging out and seeing our loved ones!

We have really enjoyed the golf cart...Tuck LOVES riding! 

I love that his feet are crossed...he sleeps like this, eats like this, rides like this and even was like this in my tummy! :)

Running errands on the golf cart!

Playing with Grandpa and GMama!

Sadly we didn't get cute pictures on the 4th of July because the Mr. and I were at the hospital for 6  and half hours, but I did get this picture of my boys when we got home! Excuse the banana that is stuffed in TJH's mouth. :)

Tuck did enjoy a Greek Yogurt Pop after dinner on the 4th!

And he had to wear his 4th of July pjs on the 4th! Posing with GMama before bed!

Uncle B was in town for the 4th and the weekend, Tuck loved playing with him. And he came pretty close to saying "Uncle". 

It's been raining non stop here so we have been playing inside a lot! Tuck wanted to drive so GMama brought it inside! :)

It's hard to see but that is a 3lb hand-weight that T was playing with! ha! :) He kept grunting when picking it up! 

Love this boy SO very much! 

He's been eating good in PTC too! For dinner Friday night he enjoyed steak, green beans, and strawberries! He kept signing more for more green beans! 

Saturday we headed to ATL with my mom for some fabric shopping for the girls nursery. After shopping we had to have lunch at The Varsity! :) It was T's first time there and he LOVED it!

Enjoying his frist FO! :)

Then we headed back to Honey's house to play! 

We've had SO much fun so far and we have a whole week left! I can't imagine all the fun we will have! :) 


  1. So glad you are enjoying your time!! What a blessed little boy to get soo much love!!

  2. I am just getting back into blogging and I had to come check out your blog again. Pretty sure when I stopped blogging you were still pregnant! lol. Tucker is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Loving all of those curls! & Congratulations on the twins! :)