Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Conclusion of #funtimesinptc

To say we had a lot of fun...that is an understatement! We got to see so many special people and do so many fun things with our week and half back "home".

Where is my baby? He looks so big!

We got to see our great friend J and go on the golf cart for TCBY with her. :)

While we were playing in the playroom Tuck started talking on the phone. I had to video what he was doing! It was so cute! :) 

Friday was my mom's birthday and we got to spend a good part of the day with her! Our first stop was Toys R Us, Honey bought Tuck his very own stroller to move around. He is always trying to push his stroller. So they don't make boy colors, so we went with purple. :)

Then he picked a buddy to go with his stroller...he picked this cute puppy dog. His name is Pup Pup! :)

Then we headed to lunch with Honey and did a little shopping! It was so fun to spend her birthday with her! :)

Later in the day, Tucker was still loving on Pup Pup and I made sure to send this to my mom! :)

Friday evening we finally got to see Daddy after a whole week! He was in class all week so we really missed him!! 

Saturday was the me and the Mr.'s 10 year high school reunion. TJH got to spend the day with GMama! He had the best time! :)

Sharing some cereal :)

Before we left for the reunion we played a little bit and I got this video:

Taking Lamby and Pup Pup for a morning walk! 

All the pups helped GMama go get Tuck from his morning nap! :)

Taking Pup Pup for a ride in his car!

They went on a golf cart ride and had snacks. :)

And a stop at the park! :) What a fun day with G!

Sunday morning we loaded everything and everybody up to head back home. 

T wanted to help Daddy drive home. :)

The Mr. and Tucker made two stops on their way home. First stop was to see Great Grandma.

Tucker loved playing with Great Grandma's shoes.

Then the Mr. and TJH stopped and had lunch with N and V! 

What a fun week and half we had! Lots of fun visits, good food and great memories made! 

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