Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hammar Happenings

We had a wonderful week! Busy but great!
Monday after school it was warm enough for an after dinner walk! The Mr. took the kids and I cleaned up dinner mess. :) 

New workout top! LOVE IT!

Goodness I could eat these three up!! We love stripes too! 

Sister sister!

Umm this is AMAZING!!! Really enjoying all the yummies we are finding and trying! 

Big bows and ponytails! Goodness, it's fun to have girls!!

Love finding them this way in the mornings! 

Friday I treated myself to a Starbucks tea! SO YUMMY! So, I had a lot of cups! ha!

Helping Mommy shop! They are getting so big that things are becoming a little easier! :) 

These two handsome boys got hair cuts on Friday! Can we say twins!?!

First time I've eaten out in all of January was Friday night...we took the kids to Chick-fil-A and I got the new superfood side and grilled nuggets! Very yummy and I didn't feel guilty after I ate it! 

Our week started and ended together! :)

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