Monday, January 4, 2016

First weekend of the NEW year!

We enjoyed our last weekend of break and first weekend of 2016!

Friday, I got on a cleaning organizing kick and did all the closets in the house and cleaned up rooms and organized toys! I got a lot done! The Mr. took the kids outside to play for part of my cleaning kick which really helped! 
This cutie started pulling at her ears on Thursday evening and then got a fever on Friday afternoon. 

The girls were "helping" with the learning some too! 

All three playing in the kitchen cabinet! I didn't get a picture but my mom stopped on her way home from helping my sister move into her house for her last semester of college. We all had dinner together and the kids were excited to see their Honey! 

Saturday morning when EK woke up she was coughing pretty bad so we decided to take her to the doc before it got worse. 

She was SO good at the doc! 

She had an ear infection. We are thankful we caught it before school started back! 

When we got home we ate lunch and played games and colored!

Tucker worked on writing his name too!

And I even joined in on the coloring fun too! :)

Tucker and I had a little movie night at home after the girls went to bed! Daddy was out so we had some one on one time together! 

After I got the kids all in bed I came down to this...sweet sisters! 

Sunday we got up and went to church...EK was feeling good so we went! A new series started and it's good! 

After church we made a quick stop at Home Depot! 

After we got home and started lunch my best friend L called and said they were headed to the hospital to have baby A! WHOOP! So I quickly went to the grocery store and got my Sunday chores done so I could head down to meet Miss A with my other best friends...the four! :) 

We were missing one of the FOUR...poor H has strep throat. :( But we got her in the picture!

What a wonderful first weekend of 2016!! Family, fun and new babies! 

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