Thursday, January 21, 2016

Short it!

Since we had Monday off our school we began on Tuesday! EK was not feeling it Tuesday morning...she was very winey and didn't want to do our normal morning routine. Sister bear tried to give her kisses to cheer her up but that didn't even work! She had a bad case of the Monday's on Tuesday!

The Mr. and I have been clean eating but I did pick up a pizza for the kids since it was $5 pizza night...made for an easy dinner night for the kiddos! 

We are hoping for snow! It's been so cold! 

I bundled these cuties up and we talked about snow on the way to school! 

Can you believe this boy is almost 4!? My mama heart is breaking! TOO big! 
Before his at home hair cut by Daddy! 

After!! :)

Getting close to the weekend again! Can you tell we LOVE the weekends with our babies?! 

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