Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Favorites!

I wanted to end the week with some of my favorite things right now!

1. My Yeti! I have drank SO much water out of it this week! I always drink a lot of water but now even more! 

2. All three of my babies reading bedtime stories together!

3. My workout buddy! He keeps me smiling and cheers me on!

4. The weather warming up a little by the end of this week was nice. But I'm ready for my BIG winter storm where I can stay at home with my babies! :)

5. I've eaten CLEAN for a whole week! I'm so happy with how I feel and the results I'm already getting. More on that later of course!

6. These two! :) Livi LOVES our salads that we've been making and tries to steal as much as Daddy's as she can! 

7. My students. I've missed them! They have been SUPER talkative this week but I'm glad to be back in the groove with them! 

8. This little lady! She is pretty whiney in the evenings but it's because she is worn out and just wants to be held a lot. Me too girlfriend! Love her to pieces though! 

9. My protein shake that I made Thursday morning was the BOOM.COM! It was vanilla protein shake with almond milk, banana, just a few chocolate chips and mint extract! SOOOOOOO YUMMY! I felt like I was cheating my clean eating but wasn't at all!! WHOOP! 

10. This boy. He's just so big and says the funniest/smartest things now and I just love it! 

It's been a good busy week and these were just a few of my favorites from this week! 

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