Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow in Ga! :)

We don't get much snow around here so when there is any chance for it people get excited around here! :) 

We had been hoping for it all week and finally got some Friday night! 

Our schools released an hour early. I was glad to get the kids home before the roads got bad. 

We started the afternoon/evening out with a fire, watching Frozen and eating breakfast for dinner! :) 

It finally starting snowing! We bundled the kids up and took them out for about 5 minutes! 
When we came in Daddy made "hot chocolate" (almond milk with coco powder) and we watched the snow come down for a few minutes. 
The girls loved drinking out of my Vera Bradley mugs!
TJH was a great helper with keeping the fire going!

We woke up to a very pretty dusting of snow! First snow in our new home! 

Daddy kept a great fire going and we had a slow morning of snuggles and watching The Jungle Book for the very first time!! 

Perfect start to our weekend!! 

We love snow!!!

(Even if it was less than an inch! ha!)

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