Tuesday, January 5, 2016


So, everyone this year was posting their 2015bestnine. Well, I've been making collages for the last 4 years of our year...ha! I had already made our 2015 collage and then say this trend...so I did it anyways just to see what it would come up with. It's based on your most likes on Instagram. 

1. My big hair cut! I cut off about 9 inches of my hair in March! I've enjoyed it short but am growing it back out again!
2. Building and buying our new home! We were sad to sell our first home but have really enjoyed our new home!
3. Easter 2015
4. Tucker turning 3!
5. Me sporting my twin mama+1 shirt! Hot summer day at the Farmer's Market!
6. We celebrated 7 years of marriage in 2015!
7. Tucker started preschool! 
8. My new classroom in my new school!
9. The girls turned 2!

Great great year! Love all 9 of these photos!

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