Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Long FUN weekend!

Who doesn't love a 3 day weekend!! Whoop!

We were excited about being together for an extra day this weekend! 

Friday when I picked the kids up they were so excited!! 

We played at home on Friday night. 

These 3....goodness...be still my heart! They are getting TOO big! 

Saturday morning we got up and played and TJH and I got ready to go! 

Princess Minnie!

Two of our great friends have birthdays a day apart so their parties are always on the same day! So fun for us! We went to W's party first! 

It was at our local zoo and TJH loved seeing the animals! 

Clean eating doesn't exist at birthday parties! ha! I packed my lunch to drink in the car in between parties but I did enjoy some carrots! :) 

E's party was at Pump It Up! TJH LOVED it! He jumped the WHOLE time! 

Loved seeing E's mom and sweet baby M!!!! 

TJH asked if he could hold Baby L! I say they both loved it! :) 

Cake monster!! 

We were in the car maybe 5 min and my baby boy was asleep! What a fun afternoon together!!

Saturday night we bundled up and walked to the neighbors house to give E his birthday present! 

Sunday mornings are my favorite! :) We got up, the Mr. cooked breakfast and we got ready for church. The girls LOVED wearing their dresses from Grandma R! 

There is a large train that the kids can play on in our church and they love getting on it every week! Sweet Owie was hiding in the train! :)

Sunday after naps we headed over to play with the W family! 

It was fun by all! 

We came home and ate dinner and enjoyed a fire by the Mr.! 

Monday morning was slow and fun! Aunt LK came to play!

We stayed inside because it was SOOOOO cold! 

EK tried to serve her own snack! :)

We had such a great long weekend! When is the next one?!?!? ha! :) Or maybe a snow day!?!?!

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