Monday, January 18, 2016

Last week...little late! :)

We had a good week last week! I never sat down to blog much. So here's what happened! 

Tucker had to come home early on Monday for fever...the Mr. took him to the doc and he had an ear infection. So he and the Mr. stayed home Tuesday. 

The girls have been sleeping together almost every night recently. I just love finding them this way! 

Tucker had a great relaxing day at home and felt much better by Wednesday morning! 

My class was in the newspaper back in November...and our receptionist decided to put the article in the teacher bathroom...ha! 

Silly girls at dinner! :) 

Daddy got TJH a little surprise at the store for TJH...super cool airplane. 

Dinner while watching a movie! 

My little sister in my sorority and one of my best friends had her twin girls last week too! It was a super special time! And they have two different birthdays! How cool is that!?!?!?! I went to see her on Wednesday and take them some Gigi's cupcakes...well when I got there she told me to meet her on the 4th floor! I knew that's where the babies were! I was NOT expecting to get to see them! It was so amazing to see those beauties!!!!!! 

They are just PRECIOUS!!!! 

And I got to be there when she held Sutton for the VERY first time! SO special! 

I stayed so late but loved every minute of it! She is such a good mama! I'm so happy for her and her sweet husband! The girls came at 31 weeks so they will be NICU for a while but they are doing so good so far!

This boy is so sweet! He was teaching me the correct way to put the trains on the track! :) 

Boy, am I blessed mama!

We also were able to finally take our sweet neighbors dinner! Loved holding sweet H while they ate! :)

It was a great week! TJH felt much better by the middle of the week. 

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