Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Beautiful Weekend!

So two weekends ago we had snow and this weekend it was in the 60's! That's Georgia for you! :)

We played a lot at home and got some things done. The Mr. took TJH to a birthday party on Saturday and I stayed at home with the girls and played. I ran a ton of errands Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday we took it slow in the morning and then G and Pa came for a unplanned visit which turned out to be so fun! We went to lunch, played outside and then G and Pa kept the kiddos so we could go to church and to our first night of our new small group!
Sunday morning coloring time!

Meal prepped while the kids played with Daddy! 

Lunch with G and Pa!

This girl loves her broccoli...so much that she ate too much on Sunday and paid for it on Monday! ha!

Livi not feeling well. :(

We loved having them here for the day! And the kids LOVED it even more!

Great weekend! We loved the warmer weather and the time together! 

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