Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday TJH!

Happy 4th Birthday Tucker John!

I cannot believe you are 4 years old today! Where has the time gone? I remember the day you were born clear as day! :) You've gone from an almost 8lb little baby boy to mama's big baby boy! 

Here are some things about you at four years old:
-You LOVE your sisters so much. You are sweet to them about 90% of the time! You can't wait to help Mommy wake them up in the mornings and you love playing outside with them.
-You have gotten better about eating...veggies are still hard. But you do enjoy green beans. You love breakfast foods, Pa's prime rib, banana muffins, cheese pizza, chicken and rice, and you will try almost anything. 
-You love trains! Your favorite is when Daddy builds a super big track downstairs. 
-We have started to introduce you to some of the original Disney movies and you love Jungle Book, Aladdin, and Finding Nemo (even though that's not an old one, it's older).  
-Playing outside is your favorite activity! You love our new yard and neighborhood. And the neighbor kids! You enjoy riding your bike, scooter and big wheel. 
-Church is one of your favorite places to go! You've started to memorize bible verses and we are reading through your children's bible that GMama gave your for Christmas. You love the stories and always ask great questions. 
-You are very adventurous and have no fear like your Daddy, when he was a child. GMama tells stories that are very similar from your Daddy to you. :) 
-You moved this past year and did great with the transition! You sometimes ask about our old house and you do miss M and J a lot but you seem to really love our new home. 
-You LOVE school! You ask on the weekends to go. You are very social at school and know all the teachers (even the ones who don't teach you). You always are coming home with facts and things you learned at school.
-We have introduced you to board games and you are super good at them! :) Candy Land is one of your favorites!
-You love to cuddle and give hugs and kisses!
Tucker John, we love you more then you will EVER know. You have brought so much joy and sunshine to our life! You love life, your family and friends! You always are up for a good time and also enjoy taking it easy with your family. You are so smart and love to learn new things. We pray that you will continue to learn and grow and also continue to learn about Jesus' love for you! 

Happy 4th Birthday Tucker John!


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