Sunday, February 14, 2016

LOVE weekend!

The kids had their school parties on Friday! So of course we had to wear Valentine outfits! :) (We actually wore pink and red all week!)

Tucker has memorized his bible verse for this month! So proud of him and goodness I love our church!

Scandal has started back! WHOOP! We always try to watch it with M and J! M came over Friday to play with the kiddos and we worked out before watching! WHOOP! So fun! 

She has always been a great accountability partner for me! :) 

I've always LOVED Chobani! I found a coffee one! umm SO YUMMY! This was my dessert while we watched Scandal! 

Saturday morning was beautiful! Kids woke up early(like always) so we loaded them up and went to run some errands! 

These little girls will not nap on the weekends...they nap every day at school but they won't nap on the weekends at all. So I threw them in the bath for some playtime! ha! 

TJH had his first t-ball practice on Saturday too! The Mr. said he did a great job! 

Saturday night the Mr. and I headed to Atlanta for a fun night! 

One of our friends turned 30 so we headed to the Painted Pin...very cool upscale bowling alley! 

H and I were pointing at all the food at the table that we couldn't eat! 

Goodness I love these girls! Best friends forever. literally. 

H and I did order this super yummy salad! 

My very handsome date! He came to the conclusion that he's not very good at bowling! ha! But we still had fun! 

Now to enjoy two more days of our weekend! Gotta love long weekends! 

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