Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TJH's Birthday Celebration!

This year, we decided not to have a party for TJH...but an experience! I think it was perfect! We just love spending time with our family and friends and it was a bit less stressful to plan this event. :)

We decided that the Children's Museum in ATL was a great place for TJH and the girls at this age. And then we picked a fun place to eat for lunch...The Varsity!

I even had a cake made for him! I know, right?!?! Who am I?! I wanted to really enjoy his birthday and not be stressed. We got a cookie cake made and it was PERFECT! 

His cake! We all loved it! I picked it up Friday night too so we were ready to go Saturday morning!

We headed to ATL Saturday morning! 

Waiting on GMam and Aunt B to cross the street!

Honey, GMama, Aunt B, Aunt A and A, M and J, and H and BB all came to the museum with us! The kids had a blast!! We could have stayed for hours! 

The moon sand is SO fun!

Tuck loved the ball area!

Almost a great family picture...Olivia was having a moment. 

The grocery store area was a big hit! Even for me! 
After we played for  about 2 hours we headed out for lunch! More family and friends met us for lunch! 

H and I have been so good about our clean eating so we both packed our lunch to eat The Varsity! 

Baby A and C! 

Being super goofy with Uncle J!

Daddy cut out the whole Minion for TJH! (He didn't eat the whole piece!ha!)

T with 2 of his aunties!

H girls with the birthday boy!

Two of T's besties!!! :)

Sweetest sister in law ever!

Twins?!!? :) Love her!

Me and my mama!! So glad she was with us all day! 


The three girl cousins! Of course we had to match them! :)

These TWO!!!!! OMG! Can we say twin cousins?!?! 


I love this picture!!! :) So much happiness! 

We had a wonderful time celebrating this sweet baby boy! He was so happy all day to be with his people! I hope he is always loving and excited about his family and friends. Because we all love him so much! 

Happy 4th Birthday Tucker John! You make us all smile so much! 

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